There are so many important things that people could have achieved if they stopped spending much of their time in the social media. They fail to balance their leisure time and when to work. And, as a result things do not turn out well for the, because they failed to work. The following are some o the ill effects of the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many others.

1. It is addictive

One of the main negative effect of social platforms is the addiction to it. You would find so many people so engrossed to their social media pages following up on things that are unnecessary most of the times. Until it reaches a point that someone cannot do anything else other than being on the internet. In short, they cannot live without it. This kind of addiction puts a lot of other life aspects at stake, because they are compromised. Learn to control your social media usage and your life will be much balanced.

2. Promotes time wastage

A lot of time goes into social platforms. There is that habit of when you want to do something else, you tell yourself to just have a peek in the internet then go back to work. Well, many can attest to the fact that the later doesn’t happen. That single peek will last you hours and hours in your social page. Hence, instead of using that time constructively you end up throwing it all outta the window. Minimize your time on the social media and you will do more worthwhile stuff.

3. Lowers productivity

You don’t really expect to do something to your full potentially when all you do is spend most of your time in the internet? It is actually close to impossible to do anything useful. The addiction that comes with it does not allow you to engage in implementing anything for some hours. The urge to look into some things in the social media overcomes the power to work.

4. Decreases your physical social skills

As much as most people think they are equipping their social skills while on the internet, they don’t realize how physical skills are essential. The friends on the net are virtual, they cannot always be there for you when you need them. Physical friends do matter, find time to engage face to face with them and share your worries and ideas with them. Let them comfort you when you need them. However, if you focus so much on the virtual friends, you will end up being all alone.

5. Instills a life of living to please

The social media is full of people who live fake lives to entice others. If these are the people you see on your social platforms on daily basis, it would affect your behavior. You would want to live like them at some point, and as a result, you begin to live above your means. This will strain you and eventually leads to stress and even depression, because you cannot afford luxury nor be contented with what you have.

6. Promotes too much spending

When it comes to purchasing data bundles, and being able to afford the kind of life that you think will please others, things becomes expensive, making you a spendthrift. Learning to life as per your means is key. There is no need in trying to entice people who do not even know you. Concentrate on other things and please only yourself. Remember that the people on social media will not be there for you when you hit rock bottom.

7. Leads to many instances of comparison

How many have been in an internet platform and wished they lived like someone they saw there? Many, right? Well I am among them. Until I realized that comparison was my big enemy, I used to wish I had that kind of life that people portray there. Comparison destroys all hope that is left in you, however, if you take it positively, you can work smart enough to acquire the things you admire.

8. Destroys self esteem as a result of bullying

Self esteem is an important aspect to everyone and thus should be guarded and improved always. There are so many instances where an individual posts a picture of themselves they thought was good, then boom, all they see are comments of criticism. This can make someone lose their self esteem. The media is full of bullies whose aim is to make your life miserable.

9. Easily spreads hate, chaos and judging

The social media is mostly used to spread information, whether good or bad. And when there are unpleasant news circulating, it reaches so many people who tend to respond with hate too. If it were an individual, this would definitely not end good, as the person would be hated almost in the whole country. Hence things like hate and chaos tend to easily circulate.

10. Results to more cheating cases

This applies to those in relationships or probably married. These instances happens when someone virtually meets someone on the social platform, gets enticed by their images and all that. Then, before you know it, they arrange a meet and everything else falls into place. For singles this could be good, as they could fetch themselves a wife or a husband.

11. Causes poor decision making as a result of bad advice

This is usually common in groups. Say for singles, mothers or dads. Someone could post something about what happened to them and are seeking advice on how to handle the situation in these groups. The advice that people pour out, are in various forms and could lead to your doom if you not careful on which one you decide to adopt.


The social media has both its advantages and disadvantages just like any other thing. You just have to be knowledgeable what it offers so that you do not fall in the wrong pit.

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