Being able to control what comes out of your mouth is key. Words have a great impact on others, and depending on what you say, it determines whether those words are of hope or doom to the other person. It is good to learn to always speak positive things to people instead of negative, just like you would want somebody else to do to you. The following are some of the things that the tongue could affect.

1. Friendships

Through gossip and backstabbing, people tend to break their friendships. When you start to talk badly about your friend in their absence, you do not expect that union to last. It is far much better to tell someone what you think of them directly than spreading gossip about the things you do not like about them. In fact, you will have helped them to improve say their behavior/ character to the better. However, if you keep talking behind their back, you are just making them a laughing stock, friends do not do this to each other.

2. Marriage

Marriage is good, however, if none of the participants do not watch their tongue, things could get harsh and eventually lead to break ups. Respect should always be endorsed in any union. It helps with promoting good communication and better understanding. The people engaged in the relationship are not the only ones that can break their bond, outside people do play a part too. Some individuals out there, are always scheming to divide families with the lies they come up with.

3. Job/ Work

Have you ever met someone who just dislikes you for no reason at your work place? To the point that they often pass lies to your boss all in an attempt to sabotage your work. This kind of people will do anything to destroy your image. But at times it is all up to you, you could be the one that is destroying your work position because of the things that you say about your boss, colleagues or even the company.

4. Self esteem

Your words can also destroy someone else’s self esteem. For example, if you saw an individual somewhere and you just begin to comment negatively of some of the imperfections they have. This crushes their hope and star. Do you really think they would keep that shine, when all that surrounds them is negativity. In fact, they would even began to feel bad for themselves. Learn to always encourage people and not destroy them.

5. Dreams/ Goals

Your tongue could easily destroy someone’s dream or aspiration. Take for example an aspiring singer came to an audition, maybe as a result of choosing the wrong song to sing, they audition does not go well for them. However, you as the judge decide to destroy their dreams by chasing them off the stage and clearly hinting that they can never sing anywhere. Instead, you would have guided them in the right direction, as they kinda looked up to you, that is why the came for the audition

6. Health

Negative thoughts, judgement and hate passed to an individual as a result of poor choice of words, could cause serious health problems. Through overthinking and bad thoughts, some usually fall into stress and even depression. All the negativity clouds their thoughts and mind, making them feel hopeless and worthless.

7. Self-confidence

Just like the issue of the aspiring singer in the subheading above, words can destroy the confidence of an individual. Especially in things like bullying and judging, it does not work well with self confidence. These kind of things impairs the ability for someone to express themselves because they fear what will happen after.

8. Worth/ Value

People who have been prone to hate, bullying and judgement usually feel they are not worthy. The reason being, they never found a support system that assured them of the value they have or people to compliment them in any way. Any individual needs the kind of people who applaud them and gives them hope on daily basis.

9. A family bond

A bond between family members is often strong. But can easily be broken by unpleasant words. Just like friendships, it starts from gossip, which spreads anger, then hate and judgement, eventually causing people to split. To stop talking to each other nor visiting one another.

10. Reputation

At times, you would find that some people just want to destroy your reputation. In everywhere they go and to everyone they meet, you would never find them talking positively about you. They always spread negativity and hate regarding you no matter how good you have been to them. And, if you do not ensure that your principles are firm and know who you really are, you could easily be shaken.


On knowing the destruction you can bring about just by using your tongue wrongly, I believe you would be more careful with your words. Use your talking to bless others, promote love, give love and spread peace.


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