How many times do you ask yourself whether you matter in life? Though this is besides the point of discussion, it counts. Most people often feel useless or rather good for nothing maybe because they failed to achieve something, they broke up with someone they loved, or rather they feel their goals have been shattered could be because of lack of finances and many more. Well, what you fail to see, is the things that surround you, those that give you purpose and a sense of being. Below are some of the things, that if as an individual have, then consider yourself worth something.

1. Hope

Hope is that fire that burns inside of an individual in assurance of better things ahead. This is one of the things that gets every individual through trying times. The time when you feel like you cannot go on anymore, but somehow, you are still optimistic of what lies ahead despite your current situation. You can lose all other things, but try as much as possible to maintain that hope in you no matter the situation.

2. Goals

What gets you up each morning and make you stay up late each evening? Goals do to me. When an individual has got a certain goal, it gives them a sense of direction, and a reason to work harder. Life is all about having something to work towards, it could a change for the better like quitting addiction, fighting idleness, getting a job, starting a family and even running a business. Goals inspire you in a positive way, they promote growth and bring about better changes in your life. Without them, people would be lazy wasting their time on things that bring about doom.

3. Happiness

Happiness is actually the heart of every human being. To some people happiness, is when you are able to acquire expensive stuff, travel places and have lots of money, however, to say the least, this should not end here. Many people have got lots of money, but are still in the quest for happiness, because they lack the contentment that come with being happy. However the situation an individual could be and they are happy, someone wealthy somewhere envy’s them. If you are in your life, treasure that and be thankful for it, as most people never get to feel they way you do. Happiness brings about, the peace of mind, soul and heart, what more would you need?

4. Love and Family

This is majorly centered on the love for yourself. This is the most important of all, as all the other loves can easily fade, but when you love yourself, it tends to give you a sense of peace, happiness, contentment and freedom, which are the values most important to each individual. Family on the other hand, is there to give support and a sense of belonging. It offers a hand in times of need and motivates you to soar higher towards your dreams and goals.

5. Personal growth and development

It could be emotional,mental, physical or career wise. All these are very important to each individual. The thirst for personal growth is what takes you from one level of life to another. It instills in you, the act of chasing that which you want in life and putting more effort to achieve greater things. To those who are driven towards personal growth, they try as much as possible to learn from their mistakes and failures. They do not see them as downfalls but lessons, thus their outlook of life is centered on the positive and not the negative.

6. Kindness

Nothing actually beats kindness. It gives a sense of humanity and uplifts your spirit and those of others. Kindness is a value that comes from within, it is something that describes you and does not cost you anything to be. It spreads love across the human race and promotes hope. It gives you an opportunity/chance to have a positive impact on the community.

7. Determination and Focus

This what dictates the end result when it comes to your goals and dreams. Yes, everyone can dream, but few achieve, why? Because of the words above. If someone lacks determination and focus, they always end up nowhere.It just puts them in a situation full of regret and wishes with no solid plan. Determination and focus is what puts you n the level that you have always wanted to be in, and also helps you achieve the goals and dreams that you have been hoping to.

8. Believing in yourself

How many people believe in themselves? Do you believe you can reach the level you have always wanted to? Yes, you can. Often people fail in many things not because they lack the resources, but because they skipped the first step of the project and that is they did not believe in themselves. Having faith in yourself in whatever you are doing is a step of its own, it pushes you to the end by getting you through tough seasons. We cannot escape challenges in what we do, we just have to brace ourselves for them, and among that which gets us a step forward is believing in ourselves.


Life can be twisted at times, and you find yourself feeling confused about it. It does not have to be that way, just get a hold of a few things that matter to you and those will keep you going. You do not have to have it all, just a few is important, as long as they are getting you to where you want to be. Remember no one is perfect, never compare be yourself always.

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