What is that one or two things that have been bothering you in your relationship? What do you feel is lacking? Many at times, partners in an affair tend to feel some kind of void somewhere, especially when their relationship is on rocks. The following factors are the most important to ensure all things go well in the relationship. If all these are working well, you will have minimized the probability of having many conflicts.

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1. Respect for one another

Respect is an important aspect in any love connection. When you respect your partner, they are able to do the same to you too. Showing respect to one another shows that you value your significant other. This means you value their boundaries, opinion and their terms and conditions. Just because you love one another does not mean you get a through pass in everything. Listen to what your partner thinks, their perspective on what you are about to make a decision in. As a result, this will strengthen the love that you have for each other and helps in promoting relationship values.

2. Being patient with each other

The most important reason why patience is preached to any in love individuals is because no one is perfect. You get to stay with someone indefinitely and slowly you begin to realize their annoying sides. This does not make a person any different or less important from the one you love but if you are not patient enough, you could give up on someone really worth it.

3. Constant courtship

You know, it is quite easy to get too familiar/used to your partner. Because you are always together, doing things collectively and many more. To curb this, you need to keep dating each other. Go out on dates, surprise each other, and do not stop saying how much you love and value each other. This keeps the relationship fresh and alive.

4. Show love

Well, this should have been among the first elements to keep a relationship intact. For one to show they love someone, they need to do it through actions. Saying it serves a lot, but as you know, actions speak louder than words right? Do not stop expressing your love to your partner thinking that they know. No, they do not, you ought to portray that to them.

5. Being understanding and showing empathy

How many times have you dismissed your partners disappointments thinking they are petty? Many people are fond of doing this. This will be taken as a sign of not being a good listener. You need to learn to listen, empathize and understand their point of view. Nobody gets angry for nothing. Allowing this to pile up inhibits your partners openness to you.

6. Commitment

A committed relationship can come out of even the hardest hurdles in life. Being committed in a relationship shows that you are serious about it and are determined to make it work. This is how any love connection should be viewed. This kind of relationship upholds honesty, trust and patience.

7. Trusting one another

Trust is one of the best things you can have for one another. It helps you be at peace at all times. And, as a result you get to have less wrangles, thus be able to focus on much better things. Like chasing your goals and actualizing them.

8. Appreciating one another

Once you get to understand who your partner is really is, you will know how they like to be pampered. Learn to always appreciate each other. It does not matter if they did something small to you, everything deserves to be appreciated. This gives them the psyche to keep doing some things for you, making the relationship less boring.

9. Proper communication

Communication is key. You get to air your views and know more about each other. And as a result, you make your needs known and improve the connection between the two of you. Without proper communication, there is no understanding and transparency.

10. Acceptance

For a relationship to thrive, you ought to embrace who your partner is. Accept their flaws and imperfections. If you do not do this, they will keep pretending to be who they are not and eventually quit because they cannot live a liar for long. Accept each other and you will see the relationship boom.


All of the above keeps the relationship going and stronger. And, if you care so much about improving your relationship you would not sabotage it by being unfaithful, rude and making your partner loo bad each waking day.



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