Kids are fragile beings that need to be nurtured well from a very young age. They are very quick in capturing things and emulating their guardians. As a result, you need to be a better parent, by teaching them the right things and spreading love always.

1. Always learn to give your child a hug

Hugs are good because they are comforting and show a sign of protection. Whenever your child is happy, hug them, if they are sad, do the same and if they are scared also hug them. As they grow up, they will learn to always count on you at any time.

2. Try and talk to your child without yelling even if you are pissed

Yelling scares a child, it destroys any form of confidence they had in approaching you. If this goes on, you will realize that with time, your child stops listening to you when you talk to them in a normal tone. Only until you yell, is when they will respond.

3. Find time to play with your child even if you are busy

Playing games is good for your child memory development. Do not ignore this time blaming it on your busy schedule. Children need attention and when you do not give them, they will try to find it somewhere else. Play with them often and yo will see your bond grow day bay day.

4. Pray for your child before they go to sleep and kiss them goodnight

It is important to teach your kids to pray when they are still young so that as they grow p they will know what to do. Help them to have the assurance that they are protected throughout the night and that they have nothing to worry about.

5. Show your child how proud of them you are on daily basis

To learn that your parent is proud of you makes you happy, so is the child. A happy child means a happy life. They will always know how to live their life well without forgetting their values.

6. Always shower your child with unconditional love and let them know that you do love them

Assuring your child that you love them helps maintain their self esteem at par. It enables them to know their stand, who they are, what is good for them and their worth. The kind of kids who know they are loved will never settle for less and will always know how to express themselves when they feel something is not right with them.

7. Attempt to always say encouraging words to your child even if they do not feel down

Encouraging words builds they confidence and gives them insights about life. It helps them to become winners and not quitters. This is because it molds them in a way that helps them overcome the hurdles of life.

8. Learn to say No to your child without being harsh so that they can learn to be polite

Most parents fail to say no to their child and eventually they turn out spoiled. A kind will never learn to have a firm stand if you do not start by teaching them to say NO. Do not agree to everything they want, lest they not learn nor value the act of hard work.

9. Listen to your child attentively when they need you and try to understand their needs

Make it known to them that you are always listening to what they say. For example, if they tell you about a gift they like, try and surprise them one day with it. Showing them that you are indeed listening makes them be open to you as a parent. They become comfortable with sharing some private things with you whenever they need help.

10. Always try and involve and show your child how to do the things that you are doing

Involve your child in doing things such as cooking, baking and doing laundry. This will help get equipped in all the sectors of life, so that they can only depend on themselves and not others. This will also teach them the art of helping other people.



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