There are good and bad days, but still, you have to make it through the day. It is normal to have a dull day, however it is also important to find a way to get yourself ready to overcome it. Often, most people do this through inner healing in, they do not create their joy outside. Feeling good about yourself starts from within but also complimented by other general stuff.

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The following will help you see the good even things are not working out well, which is actually the most important thing for everyone;

1. Love yourself

There is no better love, than the one from within. Learning to harness that self love from within you brings you better days ahead. The reason for this is, you will always choose love no matter how your day goes. And as you know, love tends to take away fears, shame, and feeling of unworthiness, hence ushering in confidence, more love, laughter, promotes self esteem and blocks out negativity. Who wouldn’t want to have this as their daily dose? Whereby the moment you wake up, you already know that you have conquered the world, before you even know what the day will bring you.

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is bound to be followed by other good things. You will have no time for negative self talk as well as negativity from the outside world. With this, you will learn to always motivate yourself, and bring inspiration to yourself even when things are not working out for you. Believing in yourself is among the most important values that an individual can have because they are able to get back up even when no one is rooting for them. You always got to have your own back and you will see yourself soaring to greater heights each day.

3. Dress well

Confidence matters a lot in everything you do. And nothing better portrays your confidence than how you feel with your attire. Dressing up to your contentment, lifts up your mood, shakes off any fears and gives you the feeling of “I got everything under control”. This is a good sign that you are ready to take on your day with positive vibes.

4. Think positively

Negative thoughts are the main causes of a dull day. You can never get to be happy with filthy thoughts running through your mind. Even the way you take on things, the way you socialize with others and the way you act changes for the worst. Why? Because you are clouded by negativity to the point that you see no hope ahead. However, with positive thoughts, you can never give up, you light your day and that of others and you spread good vibes in general.

5. Improve yourself each day

There are so many ways that you can improve yourself each day. Try out new things that contribute to your growth. Learn a new course, start a business, begin a new diet and many more. Do not just sit around and embrace the comfort zone, but aspire to be better each day. Make yourself proud with the small achievements that you make in life and do not let anyone tell you otherwise, unless they are giving you good advice.

6. Venture in what you love

The more you now who you are, the better the chance of realizing your passion. Getting to do that which you love, gives you the inspiration on daily basis to wake up early, and put on smile to achieve that which you intend on. Stress tends to loom over you when you are doing things that do not excite you. You do not even feel the need to wake up and face the day.

7. Be proud of yourself

Wake up each day feeling proud of yourself and will have a much better perception towards self. Make every achievement in your life count, celebrate it and forge ahead for better results. Each day you wake up proud, you will see better and primer results. Infact, the more you do this, you will harness your potential because you do not want to disappoint yourself.

8. Be with good company

Good company spreads good vibes and the vice versa is also true. So, depending on the kind of friends you choose to hang out with, so will your mood turn out to be. Be with people who uphold, motivate and appreciate you. These kind of values help you appreciate who you are more, because they teach and spread positive vibes. Do not be with bad company and expect to get inspired, no. All they will do is ruin your mood.


The main reason why most people are not happy or rather do not feel good about themselves is because they stopped concentrating on self empowerment. They are now more focused on the world, what people will say, and many more, all in an attempt to please people they do not even like. Learn to concentrate on yourself better and you will see your feelings for self change for the better.



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