Life is all about having a balance, between you and what goes around. However, sometimes you get so held up in the world that you forget about yourself. And once this happens, the outcome won’t be that good. Despite all that you try to catch up with, you need to always remember to treat yourself well because you deserve. You need to at least feel that you are benefiting from the hard work that you put in on daily basis. Below are some of the ways that will improve your livelihood if you stick to them.

1. Love yourself

Love for self should be the ultimate goal for everyone. When you love yourself, everything tends to fall into place because you will always work to better your situation and life in general. It helps you uphold firm principles that will eventually bring about the best in you. Many people often, forget that love for self is essential in life, as it keeps you in check. Ensuring that you follow your dream, believe in yourself, and never give up among many other awesome things.

2. Shake off the fake friends

If you need to succeed in life and improve yourself, you need to know the type of people to get rid of and those to keep. If you are not careful, some friends will drag you down, they will slow your process to succeed because they do not support your goals. Some even do not believe in your dreams, and thus what they do, does not go in line with what you want to achieve. Always be cautious and ensure that you have friends who you learn from, or rather who are heading somewhere, and not the toxic ones who will leave a trail of failures behind them.

3. Check your health regularly

To better yourself, you need to ensure that your health is in check. Ensure your mental, physical and emotional well being are okay. Your mentality is important to ensure top notch focus, great concentration, and sound decisions. Emotional health is essential to keep your moods in check, your stress levels low and even social skills high. Your physical health promotes proper work-ability. All the above are very vital in an individual’s life, they bring about balance.

4. Exit a toxic relationship

Relationships are meant to be full of love, happiness and laughter. If you are in one that is short on the above and full of hate, hurt, and unhappiness then you do not belong there. All it does to you is ruin your self esteem, give you sadness, stress and even depression which are not good for your personal growth and development. You need to get out of anything that does not add any value to your life and never compromise anything just because of someone else.

5. Quit a bad habit

Every individual is aware of their misdemeanor and strengths. And, in most cases each person tries to keep boosting their strong points and work on getting rid of some of their bad habits. Things like smoking, laziness, misuse of funds, overspending, anger, drug addiction and carelessness. All the above do not in any way improve your life but rather drags it down. So, if you need to see better results in your life, you need to keep working on amending the bad habits and replacing them with worthwhile ones.

6. Surround yourself with people who make you happy

It is so tiring and draining being with people that you have to pretend when around them. Find people who accept you for who you are, who make you laugh, those who encourage you to chase your goals and those who care about you. You can never grow if you are not happy, if you are not chasing your goals and if you are not having fun. You need people who motivate your days and make you live the life that you have always wanted.

7. Ensure you achieve the dream you have been chasing

There is a great awesome feeling that comes with achieving your goal. It gives you a sense of purpose and commitment. It makes you long to achieve more and make your life better. To better yourself, you need to start by achieving the goals that you have set, so that you can shut the haters and realize your capabilities.

8. Eat well

A balanced diet is essential for good health hence mental, physical and emotional well being. All the above contribute in one way or another on your overall output. For example, when you eat well, you get a good body which results in a good self esteem. Food also gives you the energy to work smart and achieve the goals you have been working towards.

9. Pursue that course you have been procrastinating

Improving yourself covers all the aspects of life including education. Education offers you greater chances to get a good job, think clearly or to start a business out there. If there is a course you have been planning to do, then you need to take the step and do it. Stop procrastinate and you will have achieved something in life.

10. Take that trip you have been planning for so long

Adventures are great, they help you think clearly, clear your mind and bring about a relax mood in your life. Everyone needs this at a point in time, after all the working, the trying to make ends meet, you deserve a break. It is good for your mental, emotional and physical health.

11. Get a closet revamp

Who does not love new clothes? actually nobody. Everyone is warranted to a closet change once in a while. However, be careful not to overspend. Get a hold of your budget and let it guide you.

12. Get your hair and nails done

Manicures and pedicures are good for everyone as they make you feel good about yourself. It promotes happiness, self confidence, contentment and greater self esteem. Something that makes you feel good deserves a try.

13. Adopt a good habit

In our previous point, we talked about quitting a bad habit. Once you get rid of the bad habit for example an addiction, you need to replace it with a good one for example not being lazy, waking up early, or being time conscious. This helps to fill up the void once the bad habit has already left.


No matter how busy you are, you always need to remember to treat yourself, find ways to grow and improve your life in general. If you do not find time to better yourself, nobody else is going to do it for you.



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