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Most people would think that being their on boss is all about having their own business or rather being self employed. However, that is not the only angle that people should look at to be considered own bosses. Being able to set your priorities right is what puts you in the track of being a boss. Often, you would find that most individuals have diverse ideas and priorities but do not have the ability to manage them well rendering them clueless of what they want to do in their lives. You need to understand these priorities and shape them in a way that will earn you a living.

Being able to set your priorities well will help you to maintain your pace as far being your boss. Before you delve into any venture there are some of the priorities that have got to be on your list. My priorities usually include the following;

  • Live Healthy; Health is an aspect that each individual should take seriously in their lives. Being healthy helps one to be focused in whatever they decide to do rather than worrying about their sicknesses. However, you would find that most people are never concerned with their health unless they start being sick or show signs of sickness. It is good to work on your health in order to be able to prevent any upcoming diseases. In setting your priorities ensure that your health is among the top because it is really hard to achieve your priorities when you are sick.
  • Family; Finding the time to spend with your family is key. As far as your aspirations are concerned you should never leave family out. Love in most cases emanates from the people close to you that is family, and that is all that anybody would need to move on. Without love any individual would feel lonely and hopeless. Friends and family give us the support we need and also help in adding taste to our lives through laughs and fun shared.
  • Wealth/Money; There is nothing worse than being poor, the feeling alone is much scarier. The goals that we set should at least help to benefit us or rather gather for our needs. Each and every individual have got needs that should be met. For instance, you need money to take care of family, pay bills among other personal commitments.
  • Society; Someone who is sober and with long term goals would always aspire to bring a positive change to the society. They find ways to give back to the society. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling that an individual gets from helping others.
  • Have fun; From all the hard work that an individual has depicted in their work at least create a platform that helps you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Find time to explore the world and enjoy everything in it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a reason for your hard work. Everybody works hard knowing that in future they are going to enjoy.

The above examples are among the top priorities, however, they are not the only ones, anyone can set their own priorities regarding their situations.

Once you have set your priorities right, here are the tips that will get you started on the journey of being a boss;

1.Be responsible for your actions.

The reason why most individuals never become their own bosses is because they love to blame other people or things for their down falls. Change occurs in your life when you decide to do something by yourself, your actions can be for the best or worst depending on how sound your plans were. There is no good in blaming others or the economy for not having something to work.

2. Choose what is important to you.

You can only be a boss if you determine what is important to you. Do not engage in what interest other people other than yourself. Let it be your own decision do not allow who or what is around you to influence what you choose. You can only be responsible for what you choose unlike when someone else influences you. It shows how much stand you have for yourself. If your job is what is important to you then work on it and be a boss at your specialty.

3. Work.

Ensure you do adequate work that will ensure that you reach your goal. Lagging around would not get you where you see yourself. Ensure you manage your work time well for you to deliver as expected. Make sure that no time is wasted on unnecessary stuff.

4. Set a time limit for every task.

As I said earlier, being a boss does not necessarily entail being self employed, you can be an employee and also a boss because you have the ability to manage your tasks well against time. Doing what you love and being able to control the time you spend on each task makes you a boss. Without the influence of your employer you are able to deliver as expected.

5. Understand your audience.

For someone aspiring to be self employed. Set up a business/idea that is able to handle the needs of your clients. Do a research on what the customers lack and what they prefer and make an attempt to ensure that you are delivering what is needed. Comprehending this will make you stand out.

6. Do a proper planning.

It does not matter whether its for self employment or you are somebody’s employee, being a boss calls for a thorough planning regarding how to manage your time, setting your priorities, the tasks to undertake and what you want to achieve in the end.

7. Manage your finances.

Being your own boss calls for more than just doing what you love. Ensure that you understand your finances well, learn how to spend, save and invest. Any boss knows how to deal with their finance issues and how to make profits from them.

8. Be ready to take risks.

In case you are aspiring to be self employed, you need to spread your wings to new opportunities in the market. The ventures might not have worked for other people but it might for you. Be ready to take the risk of delving into diverse ventures.

The following are some of the advantages of being a boss.

  • Flexibility; You can achieve flexibility on the time you want to work, where and when.
  • Money; Despite the risks associated with being your own boss, you can easily make huge sum of money in shorter periods.
  • Enhanced creativity; Being own boss means that there is no limitation to your ideas, you can be as creative as you intend. You will be able to exploit your potentials.


Being your own boss is among the best feeling but you need to be ready to put in some extra efforts. The right mindset also contributes to what you can achieve. If you are aspiring to be a boss, please consider the above tips.

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