When it comes to the spouse factor, it means that things have now gotten serious. Here, you are probably planning on having babies or rather adding more. Well, there are so many things you can tell your husband/wife. this is the person you should be free with the most in the world. As they are your friend, companion, gossip partner, lover and many more. Despite all these , there are some things that should be out of bounds when it comes to your spouse. These are the things that bring more of bad than good and they include the following;

1. Talking about an ex often

The ex is quite an awkward topic which is meant for the past. When it comes to love, jealousy can easily be revived when it comes to the ex matters. So, the constant mention of them kinda gives a feeling of you are not enough to the person who is with you. Hence, the key to keeping a relationship happy and moving, is by avoiding talking of the past love life. Cherish the person you are with and show them that you are happy you are with them.

2. Bringing up past mistakes

Some individuals are bound of piling up old mistakes so that, when they are wronged, they tend to revisit. Well, this does not help but rather frustrate your partner. It shows, that you are unforgiving and not ready to forget at any time. When it comes to love, you need to be ready to face things together, forgive each other and move ahead. And to do so, bringing up past mistakes does not help at all.

3. Comparing

To say the least, comparing as never brought any positive impact on anything. Take for example if you compared yourself with other people, the only thing that will happen is you will be more miserable and feel sorry for self. Well, this also applies when it comes to love. Comparing your love life with another, will only make you feel unsatisfied and make your partner insecure. Learn to build your love together and acknowledge that you are different. Enjoy each other and live only to please yourselves.

4. Frequent complaining with no appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated, even for very small things. Complaining only gives the impression of “I dont belong here”, here you feel as though you are not treated well. The moment you realise how important it is to be happy and learn to appreciate better, you will see better results in your relationship. Showing appreciation to the person you love gives them a sign of consolation and a sense of belonging in the relationship.

5. Talking of a crush

You would here many talking about crushes besides who they are dating. Well, this should not be carried all through to marriage. Learn to adore the one you love and not telling them about a crush somewhere. Do not make them feel insecure, as though they are not good enough. Being consistent on telling them this, could easily bring about jealousy and thus complaining, eventually putting the relationship in shackles.


Relationships and marriages are to be build and nurtured. Those things that you see could ruin it, should be avoided at all cost. If you think something could hurt you if done to you, then do not do it to your spouse, because they are also human.



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