1.Comparing them with others; Kids are special in their own way. They are made uniquely to take different roles and behaviors. As a parent you need to come up with the best way on how you will raise your kids without telling them how good they are not and how you would like them to be like other people’s kids. These leads to poor self esteem in a kid as they will feel they are not enough.

2.You cannot do it; Telling your kid that you cannot do something is demeaning as well as contributes in destroying their self confidence. As a result they will not be able to get back and start believing in their capabilities. They will always not trust themselves that they can do something without the help of a third person. Most individuals who are victims of poor self confidence, have this problem traced back to their childhoods. As a guardian, ensure that you always encourage your kid from a tender age, so that they can maintain their self confidence up to their adulthood.

3.I am very busy I do not have time to play; Children always need attention as they grow up, and it does not matter how busy you are, they will always need you in their lives. Your availability as a parent matters a lot because this is the time that you are able to shower them with love and teach them to always be responsible. Children really get emotionally affected when their parents are never available.

4.You are wasting my time; This is a such a cruel way to communicate to a young kid. A child needs some alone time with you and even if you are busy learn to communicate in a polite way so that they are able to learn etiquette and emulate a decent character from you.


Tips to better parenting


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