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Life is all about growth. We can never grow if we keep embracing the things that pin us down. If you cherish and love yourself, you have to u understand that some things do not add any value to life but rather bring destruction. In my previous article on the things that you should never allow to control you, you will be able to understand a thing or two on what surrounds you and how you need to get full control of your life before these things control you. Let’s delve into understanding the things that you should never let into your life.

They include the following;

1. Guilt

Guilt is an emotional feeling of hurt as a result of a wrongdoing. This act makes you feel culpable for your actions. Feeling guilty always affects you in so many areas of your life. Guilt can affect you physically, hinders you from succeeding and even destroy your life. Guilt is not an aspect you should be depending on in order to make things right, instead learn to understand that in any decision made, it does not always work everyone’s good, some will get hurt while others will be favored by the idea. Guilt is usually driven by negativity, which does not usually bring any good to you. You will only be wasting precious time blaming yourself instead of finding ways to grow.

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2. Embracing the comfort zone

I am quite certain that most individuals have felt how good it is to be comfortable in the level that you are in. Most individuals fear to put in more effort to improve their status, in order to evade this, they become comfortable with their situation because it does not call for any hard work. As you know, hard work is quite tasking, it requires waking up early and sleeping late, taking risks, closing deals and if I may say, less fun. Allowing yourself to dwell in the comfort zone encourages laziness and minimal self growth. Relevant; Ways of overcoming laziness.

3. Negative individuals

When choosing a company of people to hang out with, you should be vigilant enough not to let toxic people into your life. There are types of people that you should keep in your life, of which negative ones should be a no, no no. These people will never support your dreams nor goals, in everything little thing that you start they will always be there to criticize you, make you feel you are not enough and that you are a loser. In the long run, if you spend more time with these kind of people, you will eventually buy into their ideas of you being a loser, and be one in the end. In whatever you do, try and avoid these type of individuals at all costs.

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4. Excuses

Most people do not achieve their goals because they are fond of making excuses whenever they make mistakes instead of coming up with solutions to deal with those mistakes. When you make excuses for your failures it is like you are justifying that the mistake was necessary. Giving the mistake all the credit will not help at all but rather hinder you from making attempts to solve it. For you to move on and achieve your targets you have to learn to avoid unnecessary excuses and face any hindrance head on.

5. Feeling sorry for self

The reason why most individuals do not reach their full potential is because they feel sorry for themselves. People have a tendency of concentrating on their weaknesses rather than strengths. You would hear somebody saying that, they did not achieve this because of lack of finances, or because their uncle did not support them. You need to learn to appreciate the little that you have and maintain your focus on your vision and the end game and everything alse will follow.

6. Demeaning self talk

Often, individuals fail their goals because of negative self talk. They do not believe in themselves. And, if there is one toxic thing to your goals is not believing in self. Some people have become too used to phrases like I can’t do it, to the point that they cannot do something so simple. This is because they have registered in their minds that there are things that they cannot do completely even though they haven’t tried doing it.

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7. Neglect of well being

Health is something that each person should care for. Do not concentrate much on achieving your targets to the point of forgetting to check on your health. Learn more on some of the health tips you should know.

8. Pleasing others

Allowing those that surround you to determine how you behave will shield you from finding your passion as well as from finding yourself. No matter what you do, people will always be there to criticize you, so it is better to live your life and ignore what people think about you. This is the only way you can reason perfectly and do what you love.

9. Being disrespected

In whatever you do, never allow anyone to trample on you because you are worth more than you can imagine. As long as you are doing what you know is right, living by your morals, discipline and principles then people around you will respect you and vice versa.

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