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Often people love to say sorry a lot even for something they should not be sorry for. In many occasions, we fret of what people would think about us if we do not behave in a certain way. Unfortunately, most individuals do not understand that the time has come for them to also include themselves in the equation rather than just considering other people’s feelings. Your feelings matter too and you gotta learn to love yourself so that you can understand your value and avoid looking lost.

Despite sorry being a polite and necessary word, it should not be misused because there are situations that does not require you to apologize and they include the following;

1. Never apologize for following your stands and principles.

Principles are what define you, these are the things that will keep you on track when life starts to get rocky. So, whatever stands keeping you from going astray from your goals, you need to abide by them. It does not matter who you render uncomfortable, as long as it is for your own good then maintain a firm stand on them. You do not owe anyone a sorry for being strong and firm when it comes to your principles.

2. Never be sorry for pursuing your dreams.

Dreams are what will brighten your future. When you find an opportunity to pursue them, do it. You have to understand that you are the only determiner of your life and when you choose to pursue your dreams, then you will never regret in future.

3. Never apologize for loving.

Love is what fills the emptiness in you. The moment you find the right person to love, it does not matter who they are, what matters is if they complement you, if so, then you have all the right to experience the joy that comes with. It does not matter what those who surround you say, ignore all that and continue treading the love path.

4. For doing what makes you happy.

There are work categories called hobbies. However silly that hobby is, it does not matter, as long as it makes you happy then continue doing it. Take for example, jumping on a trampoline, I would definitely encourage an older person to take part in the game just to be able to see their smile again. Never be embarrassed or feel sorry for engaging in something that makes you happy.

5. For being honest.

Honesty is a priceless virtue that most respected men are associated with. It is better to be honest with somebody about something than lie to them and they later realize and ditch you. Honesty helps people to really understand who you really are and also it attracts people who are worthwhile in your life.

6. Never apologize for your flaws.

Your imperfections are some of the things that show your wholeness. You need to appreciate and embrace them so that whatever other people say, will not affect you at all.

7. Do not apologize for saying No.

Having the ability to decline something be it from your friends or anybody else, especially something that does not add any value to you shows that you got dignity. Self respect is something that each individual should uphold at all times, learn to say no to things that waste your time and say yes only when you feel it is necessary.

8. Never apologize for airing your view.

Everyone has got the freedom of speech. If you have a point about something you did not like or loved then say it out aloud. You do not have to do anything to make others happy, concentrate on making yourself happy first.

9. Do not apologize for being yourself.

Trying to please others is like living a life of pretense, however, when you act like yourself, there are people who will love you for who you are while others will just try to pin you down. This does not matter at all, as long as you feel good about yourself then you do not owe anyone an apology.

10. Never apologize for ending a bad relationship.

When your happiness is at stake, you never have to apologize for breaking up with someone who makes your life a living hell. Anything that jeopardizes your joy should be ended at any moment.

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