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1.Exaggerated thinking can lead to poor decisions and sadness; This is because you are opening up your mind for more negative thoughts. When you see a good idea, ensure that you implement it soon before your mind gets clouded with negative thoughts.

2.Positivity promotes success; A positive mindset is one with hope and believe in what it does. It helps you to see good where negative things lie. Helps you to forge ahead even when things are hard. However, negative thoughts causes you to quit.

3.Joy is always within you thus it is upon you to choose it; You can always make it a routine to be happy as it lies within you. You just have to ignore the negativity around you and choose to be happy about what life has to offer. Read; Rules to a happier life.

4.You cannot alter the past,but you can change the present to have a better future; If may people came to terms with this statement then the world would have been in a better place. Most people are victims of delaying in the past, they try and fix mistakes that were made years back instead of concentrating on bettering their future. Check; Ideas for better life.

5.Quitting is never an option but a path to failure; Relevant; Why you should never give up on your goal. People should learn that there is no benefit in giving up on something. Most successful people in the world at one point in time had the thought of quitting, however, knowing the benefit of the end result they had to keep going. Adopt a character of not giving up and you will be on another level in life.

6.Kindness shows that humanity still do exist; Read on; Importance of acts of kindness. Each individual should always aspire to be kind to one another and treat everyone fairly. Every person irregardless of their status deserves to be respected and appreciated. Kindness always brings about a positive view of life.

7.Life is short,watch who you spend it with; Learn to surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Not individuals who will make you regret all the decisions you ever made in life. Check; People you should keep in life and benefits of being with inspired people.


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