In life, there are things that you are capable of controlling or rather altering. These things are so many, however, I will narrow down to the four most important which can either change your life for the better or worse. They include the following.

1. Your attitude

When you wake up in the morning you got the power to choose how you will spend your day, whether to be happy and positive or to be negative and sad. Your attitude determines a lot, from the way you think, they way you will interact with people and the way you will handle various situations at the course of the day. Being positive is a much better choice for everyone as you will have the ability to smile and appreciate your life more.

2. What you say

You have the power over your words. You can decide to speak with someone rudely or politely, all that is your decision. The moment you interact with an individual, your conscience kicks in and that’s when you decide on the path you will take. The words you sometimes say and tend to come out wrongly cannot be taken back, that is why you always have to control them so that you can be on the positive.

3. Your manners

The way you act when you are around others or by yourself can only be determined with you. Everything that you do in a certain way is your decision, you can decide to act without etiquette or with it.

4. What you can do

You have the ability to control your actions at any given time. You can decide to engage in the things that will better your life or the vice versa. Always aspire to do stuff that bring you happiness and spreads love to others too.

5. Your effort

The amount of hard work that you put into something is at your own control. You can decide to work much harder into achieving your goal or just decide to be lazy and wait for poor results.

6. The mind

The mins is one of your biggest weapon when it comes to fighting battles in your life. Depending on what your perspective is in your mind, it will determine whether you will win or not. Feed your mind with the right content and you will see yourself rise.


When you make the right decisions in life regarding the above topics you can achieve a lot. You can decide to be happy, be polite and treat everyone fairly, be equipped with etiquette, choose your actions wisely and put in more effort into achieving your goals. All these values make your life all rounded and well planned.



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