Relationships for example dating and marriages tend to be quite hard to understand at times. You would find many asking themselves what their purpose really is in the partnership. It does not matter who you are, whether the man or the woman, at some point you will wonder about what your other half really requires from you. Well, the list is endless if we decide to venture into everything that is essential here, however, let’s just look at the sample below;

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1. Friendship/companionship

Most people would be like, “why would I want to be a friend yet we are in love?” Well, I tell you it is much more awesome creating friendship in the relationship. At times, when challenges arise, you also need to fill the space of a friend. Another, good example is when your partner is trying to help you grow. This is the time when you need them most, as your best friend. Things have to be steered in the forward direction with a little of you ought to make it here. That is because, there is more to be expected than romance.

2. Understanding

As you probably know that any relationship is not a walk in the park, empathy is thus of essential. Everyone needs an individual who can tell them they understand the situation, not someone who just rants all the time. Everyone is human, hence bound to make mistakes. It is very important to assure your partner that in case of anything, you will be there for them. Most relationships die because of blame game and unforgiveness. However, with empathy, this will not be witnessed in your relationship.

3. Patience

Everybody has got both flaws and strengths. Many love to appreciate the strengths side and not so much on the flaws, right? Well, this person comes as a package with baggage. And, if you really love them, you will learn to be patient with the baggage. Find ways to understand and accept what you think cannot change with them, and if there is hope of turning some to positive, find a way to do so without them feeling controlled.

4. Respect

Respect is good and every individual yearns for it. If you want to actually know that your partner actually does love you, look at how they treat you after an argument. In general, you need to treat your partner as you want to be treated and the act will be mutual. Be mindful of their opinions, respect their boundaries, and be honest to them. Respect builds the love for one another and helps you evade many other issues that would have wrecked your bond.

5. Love

This should have been among the first but being number five does not mean it is less important. Just because you are together does not mean that your partner knows you love them. Since you chose to have deep affection for your partner, ensure that this becomes your daily mission for it to last. Tell them that you love them, surprise them with gifts, pamper them with love words and most importantly show them that they are of value to you. Do not make your partner yearn to be loved when they have you to show them that.

6. Appreciation

In the book titled “The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman“, you get to understand that each person has their own way of how they want to be appreciated. Some appreciate to be assisted with household chores and others with words like thank you for doing this or that. Learn who your spouse is, and what gets them to spoil you more. This will help to make the relationship get more exciting and fun.


Every love life has got its strengths and flaws and at times you feel overwhelmed on how to handle some issues. The above insights could help you evade some problems but not all of them. Apply them to the relationship you are in and see positive results.

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