Not everything you do leads you to a better life. There are so many other things that are taking you back and if you do not quit doing you might find yourself far behind. Below are some of those things that are putting you down day by day;

1. Procrastination

This habit delays your ability to achieve your goals. Most people have been having a certain idea that needed to be implemented but you would find that just a few of those people did execute the idea while the others live regretting why they did not grasp that opportunity. Check; Habits for a greater life.

2. Exaggerated thinking

Well, many people are familiar with the term overthinking and usually this topic does not always come with the good but the negative. When you think about a certain topic excessively, you will start to view it in a more negative manner even if it were a good topic. Besides being thoughtful, when it becomes too much the only side you can start thinking about is the negative.

3. Comparing yourself to others

This is just one way of looking down upon yourself. Because if you really thought you were good enough, then you would not consider how others are. Quit doing this and you will see yourself soar to greater heights.

4.Forcing yourself on people

If you love yourself enough you would learn to have some dignity and welcome those who love you for who you are not those that you have to change for them to accept you. If you have to please an individual for them to like you, then they do not deserve you at all. Read on; Who is a friend.

5. Spending too much time on Social media platforms

These platforms are good. However, you can easily get addicted to them to the point of using up your precious time up in these platforms instead of utilizing that time to do something constructive. Check; Managing your time well.

6.Trying to please others

Instead, try and understand your life better and figure out how you are going to achieve your goals and dreams. Pleasing others diverts your attention from your purpose and thus aids in time wastage and also limiting your self esteem. Concentrate on transforming your life to the better and you will not regret this decision. Love those who love you for who you are, and ignore those who want to change you to someone you are not, they are not worth your time and attention.



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