First impressions are a great deal to each individual. Especially when you had something planned with someone somewhere. For example, a business meeting, date, interview and even if you are going to a place for the first time, in all these you need to maintain the first impression at par. So, in case you want to improve on something, here are the tips on what most people would concentrate on once they meet you.

1. Your appearance

This covers multiple areas, from the way you have dressed, whether your make up fits the occasion and has it been applied well and also how tidy you look. Most individuals could lose a business deal because of how they look. If your appearance does not appeal your client, they could withdraw from an agreement made because they do not feel they can trust you to manage something if you are not able to manage yourself.

2. Grin

A smile sends a friendly message to a person you are meeting with. They will feel welcomed and obliged to talk to you. But if you look sad and grumpy, most individuals would judge you to be rude and would not want to continue any conversation with you. Another aspect that you need to also consider is your teeth, yes you could be smiling but your mouth odor leaves other people gasping for breath. Another scenario is when you got something stuck on your tooth, it would look so awkward to smile with food stuck on your teeth.

3. Scent

Smell is one thing that someone close to you cannot avoid. If you smell good they would want to be close to you. However, if you are sweaty and with a bad odor, everyone would want to avoid you at all cost. For example, if you are going on a date, ensure that you do not smell like stale cabbage lest you lose a potential partner.

4. Time conscious

Most people are always late to dates, interviews and other meetings and blame it on traffic and other excuses. It is a big deal having someone to wait for you for so long in a place. It depicts lack of respect for the other person because you are wasting their time. Tardiness sends a wrong message to any individual of which you would want to avoid.

5. Etiquette

It ranges from manners to good behavior. Of course people would judge you, by the way you talk and what you say and how polite you are. Learn to be respectful and watch what you say in any occasion. If it is a business meeting, then concentrate on things that suits the occasion, avoid interrupting your client among other non ethical issues.



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