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Have you ever wondered on what men would really want to hear from their women?

Well, here are some of the things that men would love to hear from their partners;

1. I understand.

Sometime life an be rocky and at that time all he needs is someone to understand his situation. When he makes some losses regarding a business, tell him that everything is gonna be okay. Learn to empathize with him and not criticize or blame because you will be worsening the situation.

2. I am proud of you.

Whenever they do anything good to you or achieve even something small, tell him how proud you are of the sacrifices they make and the things that they have achieved so that they will not beat themselves up for achieving a little.

3. You will make it.

Show your man that you believe in them and their dreams. Assure them that they are going to achieve whatever they put in their mind to. Help them understand that they are special and have what it takes to reach their goal. It’s every man’s prayer to have a supportive partner.

4. You are looking good today.

Men love other things and mostly compliments. Learn to tell your man how good they look today, compliment their attire, abs and even their hair. Men also have self esteem issues, they might think that they are not enough because you never tell them how good they are at anything. Make them feel good about themselves so that they do not go looking for assurance elsewhere.

5. I love you.

Learn to also tell your man that you love them. Do not just think that it is a guarantee for them to know that you love them because you are in a relationship with. Say it to them so that you can build trust and strengthen your bond.

6. I am so sorry.

As women you need to learn to also consider a man’s feelings. When it comes to arguments, most men usually apologize for mistakes they did not commit just to calm their women down. However, it is also good for a woman to learn to say ‘sorry’ when they are on the wrong. This will make the man feel that you also care about their feelings and any other time they also make mistakes they will feel obliged to apologize just like you did.

7. What are your goals and dreams.

Most men love when you have a talk about their dreams because you are the closest person they can share them with. By asking them about their goals and dreams they feel that they are part of you and that their plans matter to you as much as they do to them.

8. Go have fun with your friends.

If you are lucky to have a supportive man who has been there for you say during a sick period, try and give him sometime off to spend with his friends. He is probably very tired but he would not tell you that because he loves you, so take it upon you and give him the break he needs. He will know that you get him and also want the best for him thus strengthening your bond.

9. Thank you for everything.

Learn to appreciate the little things that he does for you. If he is always there for you, try and return the favour when he needs it and also by telling him how much you appreciate his efforts. By doing so you will win his heart, he will always want to do good by you because he knows how much you appreciate him.

10. I am here for you.

After all the day’s work, what a man needs is comfort. You need to assure him that no matter what you will always be there for him. If things did not go well for him, learn to listen and help him through any hard situation. This will always make him crave to come home to you.


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