Being sad is normal for every individual. There are so many things out there that can trigger sadness. However, most people mess up a lot in trying to comfort an individual who is probably going through a hard time. To help with this, below is a sample of some of the right you could say or ask to help someone who feels unhappy.

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1. Can I sit here with you?

Even if you do not say anything to them, just being around them gives them the comfort any individual who is moody would need. It makes them feel like someone does really understand their pain, however silent they are. Gradually the sadness would begin to not weigh on them unlike before. It becomes much lighter and lighter as the minutes go by. This actually is a good thing to do when trying to help someone who is sad. IN this situation, you can never go wrong as there will be less words communicated.

2. What happened?

Often, this is not usually what many sad people get to be asked. The question is usually, “what’s wrong with you?” This type of question actually depresses the individual targeted at. It makes them feel like they have done wrong reacting by being sad. Of which it is normal to feel sad at times. The question to be asked in such situations should be “what happened?” This shows that you care, it is okay to be sad and how do I help you. As a result, the individual will be happy to know someone somewhere is really concerned for them. So, learn to choose your words wisely.

3. How can I help?

Give the person a chance to express themselves, as it is much easier that way. They are able to come up with the conditions best for them. They could tell you to just sit with them, or they could be willing to share what is really troubling them. Having them know that you are willing to help gives them comfort and the feeling of they are not alone. At least they got a crying shoulder before them.

4. Am here for you

What an awesome statement to say to an individual feeling depressed. Sometimes all it takes to better a sad person is to assure them that you got their back. At times, one could be surrounded by so many people but they still feel alone, why? Because no has given them the kind of assurance that makes them certain that someone is there to support them. This easily lifts their spirits up and in no time will be fairing on much well.

5. Do you need someone to talk to?

It is important to have someone to talk to when you feel sad. It helps in releasing those bitter and painful emotions, hence easing internal emotional build up. Just posing this question to an individual, helps to open up their mind into speaking about what has been pestering them. Which will be the best thing they can do at that moment. In doing this, you are showing them that you are available in case they need someone to talk to.


Life can be complicated at times, hence you need other people whom you can rely on when things do not go as planned. It is okay to be sad, so do not beat up yourself when this happens. Moody emotions advances on anyone, you just need to learn how to handle them. And even if you were to help someone else who is sad, you need to be vigilant what you ask them so that you do not trigger an uproar.

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