There are so many ways that insecurity can chip into the relationship. This is mostly fueled by past experiences in an individual’s life. As a result, there are so many negative impacts in the relationship because of it. Below are some of the factors that lead to someone being insecure in a relationship;

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1. Past cheating experiences

This could be in a past relationship or the current one that you chose to give a second chance. Cheating tends to give a person the feeling of they are not enough. It encourages a build up of insecurity thoughts, which is not good in an individual’s life. This is because it tends to diminish trust and even self esteem.

2. Body shaming and judgments from the people you love

This actually plays a major role in making an individual very insecure. Judging someone by the way they look tends to diminish their believe in themselves. They will hardly come to terms and appreciate who they are and how they look. As a result, when it comes to issues of relationships, they will always blame themselves, their bodies, their complexion etc.

3. Lack of compliments from your partner

It is much easier to feel proud and confident in the relationship when you got someone assuring you that you are beautiful and loved. However, if this lacks in the relationship you will begin to think that you are not as good looking that is why you are never complimented.

4. Sneaky habits

There are so many sneaky habits that can make someone insecure in the relationship. They include, enabling/changing passwords on phones that did not have any, sleeping out often without your partner knowing where you are, and being secretive among many other things. Such like characteristics tend to make your partner suspect issues like infidelity which is a major cause of insecurity in relationships.

5. Rumors from friends

As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire. When an individual begins to receive some news about you that could sabotage the relationship, they tend to feel inadequate. This usually happens if the individual trusted you so much not to think you could hurt them in any way. As a result, this gives them trust uncertainties, and will even find a hard time trusting in the future.

6. Constant rejection in the past

Rejection is something that many people experience in life. However, when it comes to love rejection, it shatters an individual’s self esteem which in turn causes them to feel insecure. They will keep doubting themselves and regretting that they are the way they are. This could really affect their future love lives.

7. Being hidden in the relationship

Have you ever dated someone who seems to have a goal of keeping you hidden? To the point that you do not know any of their friends because they have never introduced you to them? This kind of gesture, gives an individual the vibe of not being good enough. This really instills insecurity in them, that they will even fear interacting with people as they think there is something wrong with them.

8. Dishonesty

Continuous lying builds up trust issues in an individual. When a person has encountered dishonest people in the past, they will fear being in a relationship that could turn out to be full of lies also.


Insecurity is something that is made into being as a result of several awful things that happen to an individual. Hence, you got the ability to overcome it and move on by realizing your worth and value



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