Complaining does not just happen in a relationship, there must be a reason for it. Nobody just wakes up one day and begin to complain out of nothing. You could be wondering why your better half is often complaining about this or that, well there is an underlying issue that is causing them to steer in that direction. Most of these issues are commonly known to you and need to be addressed before they cause more harm than good. They include the following;

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1. Underlying unresolved issues

Men easily forget some of the things done to them. However, women tend to hold it much longer especially when the person that hurt them did not apologize or rather recognize the mistake they did. So, if you find your partner all grumpy and complaining, and you really want to get to the root cause of their behavior, ask them. Try and dig deeper into their feelings so that you can get to realize what happened to them. It could be a mistake you did a while ago and you thought was petty.

2. Unfaithfulness

Issues of cheating are rampant in most relationships. Even after there was reconciliation between both parties, there is usually that negative impact that the victim usually has afterwards. There are so many thoughts that run in the victim’s mind when such incidences happen. At some point could cause serious issues on self esteem, confidence and generally the behavior of an individual. Due to these alterations, it can make someone try and control their partner in their way of trying to prevent the same thing from happening again. All these followed by unplanned complains.

3. Insecurities

Well, what insecurities does to a person is far much worse when it comes to relationship issues. It puts you in a position of feeling you are not enough. As a result, in trying to portray that you are adequate, you include complaints here and there. All in an attempt of trying to solve what could even be imaginary. Because, you could be adored by your partner, but you fail to see it since you are blinded by insecurities.

4. Being too busy for your partner

This is never a good feeling for anyone. Individuals in any relationship want attention, no matter how busy you are, you ought to create time for the one you love. Not making time for your partner attracts grievances day in day out. As all these keep piling up, they amount to complaints. So, to curb this, you need to give attention to your loved one. And, if you really value them as you say, you will definitely squeeze them in however busy you could be.

5. Poor trust

Trust is a very important aspect in any relationship. For people to decide that they want to be together, they must have trusted each other. They know that their better half got their back in everything they do. However, when trust start to diminish, that is when you will begin to see some changes in the relationship. Issues begin to pile up and complaints start to stream in. This is actually one of the top reasons that causes complaints in the relationship as it plays an integral part in keeping the bond intact.

6. Lack of fun in the relationship

In general, fun brings about good memories, increases love bond, and promotes peace. This is what every relationship requires in order to thrive, hence, when fun is lacking issues tend to emerge. With the stress levels increasing, every individual would want to take it out. To do so, a bit of complaining and blaming would do the trick for them. Well, the above is not the way you should go, approach an issue and try to solve it as calmly as possible, all with a touch of empathy and love.

7. Both emotional and physical abuse

There is nothing that bruises an individuals emotions that does not give rise to complains or even fights. There are very many better ways of handling this, but before then, in an attempt to get your grievances heard, most people would try and put their point across through complaints.


There is no individual who is treated so well in a relationship that would choose to complain over nothing. Unless it is their hobby, then they are entitled to it. This shows that, the way you treat your partner matters a lot. When you do it well, there will be less issues, but when you do it wrongly, the more the conflicts. Find a way of ensuring that you handle your partner the way you would want them handling you.



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