Relationships are awesome and when break ups happen, people tend to get hurt. Some break ups could be avoided while others cannot. For those that can be prevented, it depends on you as an individual to find a way to maintain that relationship. So many people end their love because of one of two reasons manly associated with the character of their partner. Some of these things include;

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1. Complaining

Everyone needs peace of mind and if you cannot have that with your partner, stress tend to increase. Frequent complaining is quite some an intolerable habit for many. It eats your mind and stresses your life. Every individual longs for a partner that understands them and not judge them. They need a person that they can confide in, even when things are not going well in their life.

2. Unfaithfulness/cheating

This is a through pass to why many relationships come to an end. Where there is cheating there is no trust and you cannot get to stay long with someone that you got no trust for. Cheating aside from destroying trust, it dismantles a person’s self esteem since it makes them feel inadequate. When in the real sense the cheater is to blame.

3. Not respecting your partners boundaries

There are some things that people are not comfortable with in life. When it comes to this statement, any individual in a relationship should learn to love their partners for who they are. Understand the things that they are uncomfortable with and do not try to make them feel more uneasy. It is good to assure your partner that they got support from their loved one. All this is done through respect.

4. Being too busy for your partner

Every one is busy in life, however when it comes to love, your partner needs attention. Maybe not too much of it but at least enough to help them understand that you got time for them, which is an assurance that you value them. Poor attention or rather being too busy kind of puts off that fire in the relationship. And if this is not handled soon enough you could lose someone who loved you for real.

5. Lying

Constant lying in the relationship does not do any justice to the meaning of love. When you lie to your partner, you are letting them lose trust in you. Because, this is the person you should always be honest with at all times. Lying easily shakes and could eventually dismantle the bond that existed between you two. And when that happens, the hope for the relationship continuing as before diminishes gradually.


If a relationship really matters to you and you know you can go far with it, you will always try as much as possible not to ruin it with petty stuff. There are so many ways you can grow your relationship and if it is worth it, never give up on it.



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