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In this guide we walk you though the installation of VirtualBox 6.1 on Windows. As of this article update the latest release is version VirtualBox 6.1. In general VirtualBox is quite a popular hypervisor, reason being it’s both open-source and completely free. It actually has got no paid versions at all, hence you do not have to be bothered with any notifications prompting you to upgrade to paid versions so as to get more and better features. An hypervisor is a software program that allows you to have more than one Operating System in a sandboxed environment.

Each OS has got certain type of hypervisor that is compatible with the system. For example, you can have VirtualBox on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and OpenSolaris, and OpenBSD. It is very important to have a VM on your system as it helps you improve your technical skills through trying out on the several other Operating Systems out there. As a result your knowledge will not only be focused on one sector but various. VirtualBox does very well and is user friendly.

VirtualBox 6.1 Installation on Windows

The process below will guide you through the installation and set up of VirtualBox 6.1. Just follow the steps below and your VM will be ready in no time.

Step 1. Download VirtualBox 6.1

Head over to the VirtualBox official website and download the latest version of 6.1. The version differs depending on the time you get to go through this article. As at now, the latest is VirtualBox 6.1.18. So that is the one I have proceeded to download. Ensure that you tap on the suitable host, could be Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris etc. Once you do this, on Windows, a .exe file will be downloaded.

Step 2. Proceed to Install VirtualBox 6.1

Once the .exe file has been downloaded to your system, continue with its installation. Follow the window setup wizard to the end by reading through what has been displayed and clicking on next until the installation is done. Ensure that you restart your computer so that the changes made can take effect. The wizard installations you will see will include the following.

To set up the Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1, proceed to click next, just as highlighted on the image below;

VirtualBox Installation setup 1

On this section, all the features are enabled and if you tap on next you will be allowing all the checked features to be installed. However, you can also uncheck those that you thin you do not need.

VirtualBox Installation setup 2

Here, you agree on how the installation should be done. You can uncheck the ones deemed unnecessary and proceed to click next. For our case, we are going to proceed as is.

VirtualBox Installation setup 3

Agreeing to this by tapping yes, will reset your network. When this happens, just proceed to enable your network connection and continue with VirtualBox 6.1 installation process.

VirtualBox Installation setup 4

Just as explained on the image below, you can either decide to proceed with the installation process or go back and make some changes then later do the installation. By tapping on install, VirtualBox will be available in your system.

VirtualBox Installation setup 5

Wrap Up

Once the installation is done, you will see the Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 shortcut on your desktop. To set it up, you will need to have a pre-downloaded ISO image of an Operating System like any of the Linux distribution such as POP OS or any other, to have it on the hypervisor that you have just installed. VirtualBox installation process is quite easy, follow the steps above and you will be done.

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