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In most occasions in life, each individual tends to feel stuck in life. Maybe, by comparing themselves to others or because of other factors. The most important aspect in each individual’s life is progress, it does not matter the level that you are in currently, but as long as you are making some progress, then at least you are living up to something.

The following are some of the signs that depict that you are doing well in your life and you are progressing;

1.You have never stopped being visionary; Life for you does not end in your current level. You always dream of a better life ahead, and ensure that in whatever you do, you chase after these dreams. As long as you keep working to achieve these dreams, then there is a high probability that you are going to have a better life.

Do not get me wrong, but by just being visionary and not working on your dreams, you are going to be stuck in the same level due to lack of effort. It is so important for an individual to have vision so that they an keep going, keep chasing their dreams and keep hoping for a better life ahead. Most people give up on the way because they lack vision, and I wouldn’t blame them, because, no one wants to keep putting an effort to a future that they cant see any hope in. If your hopes are dark, then your ambitions become darker to the point that you do not have any energy to keep pushing ahead.

If you have always chosen to keep your vision at par, then most certainly a bright future awaits you.

2.You have got shelter; One aspect that shows that you are at least doing well in life is the presence of housing. Being able to find a roof over your head especially in this tight economic times,then you are among those who have earned something through their living. I do not blame anyone for their situation but being in a position to have a home is among an individuals greatest achievements.

When you are destined for greater things, you never get comfortable with just one achievement. You would always want to strive for more, from food to clothing, then shelter, businesses and investments. With this type o mindset you can achieve much greater things. Just have a goal of not wanting to retreat, always look forward and put in the effort.

3.You can afford food and clothing; Among the basic things that a human being needs to live is what to eat. Food is not cheap as well as clothing. You need money to afford these things. It does not matter what you do to obtain these, but, the act of being able to put food on the table each and every passing day is the best feeling for anyone.

It takes effort and time to be able to accumulate enough money to purchase both food and clothing.Hoping and believing in what you can achieve now, makes you work more harder to even getting more benefits.

4.You never fake happiness; Well, happiness is something you can never buy. It comes from within, when you begin to feel contented with yourself by practicing self love and having a healthy self esteem. Happiness can only be experienced by those who understand what they do, who they are and where they are going. Which means it is not forced in any way. You can never be successful if you do not start to appreciate yourself, what you do and your ambitions.

Instead of thinking ahead, you will always be mad a the world for this or that or even mad at yourself for not achieving something or for not doing enough to reach a certain level. The precious time that you use to hate would have been used in coming up with something constructive. A happy person has got more chances at finding their passion, pursuing their dreams and coming up with more relevant ideas than one who keeps hating.

5.You never allow anything to control you; Life is all about having principles. Learning to say NO to something or someone when they do not add any value to your life, and YES to what is really important. If you do not take control of your life, others will definitely take advantage of you and lead you to a wrong course. It is never bad to say NO, because you do not owe anyone a YES in everything they tell you.

A better life comes when you understand yourself, you stand for your values and ambitions without being intimidated by what others think or say. With this, you are able to choose your passion well and follow your dreams because nobody nor nothing is controlling who you are.


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