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Google Chrome is one of the most used browser in windows. And most people would definitely want to set it as their default in managing and accessing many stuff. Take for example a PDF document. On many occasions when you try opening such a document on Windows 10, it will automatically redirect you to open with either Microsoft edge or opera mini. Well, this should not be the case anymore.

Setting Google Chrome as your default PDF Opener on Windows 10

The following steps should solve the problem and get you started with google Chrome as your PDF opener;

Step 1. Go to Settings on your Windows 10

In Windows, mostly you need to visit the settings application to do any alterations. This is not an exception, open settings and click on Apps. Just like as shown below;

Step 2. Hit Default Apps

Once you click on Apps as stated in step 1, you will be met with a menu and among the options given is default apps. Click on it and proceed, just like in the image below;

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom and then click on choose default apps by file type

On clicking on default apps, a list of applications will show. Scroll down to the bottom where you find a list of links. From the links, hit on choose default apps by file type.

Step 4. Scroll down and identify what you want to change

In our case, we want to make Chrome our default PDF viewer/opener. Find PDF then click on the default browser, say Microsoft edge, a span of options will appear, then identify the most suitable and select it. See image below;

For our case, we want to make google Chrome the default app, so we need to click on it to set it as the new default.


To confirm if the app you chose has been set to default, try opening a PDF file and see if it will still open on Microsoft edge. This applies to any other file, as the list is long, you can change the default apps as much as you want to fit those that you love opening your files with.

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