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It quite daunting having your pages load with a browser you do not like. Especially when you are trying to sign up for something, say Zoom or even Bluejeans and suddenly the other browser tries to do the work for you. Well, there is no need to worry anymore for all the Chrome lovers. Why? Because the solution is here with you.

Setting Chrome as your default browser

Below is a guide that will show you the easiest way to set chrome as your default browser. Let’s dive in;

Step 1. Open the start menu on your Computer

The start menu is as highlighted in the image below;

Step 2. Search and Open the Control Panel

On the highlighted part of the image above, search control panel and then click open. Just as shown below;

3. On the control Panel, Click on Programs, then default programs

On the Control panel, choose the Programs option, then click on default programs as shown;


Step 4. Set your Default Programs

Here, you will be greeted with a menu of default applications, and an option to change them to as you desire, just like below;


Go to default browser and Click Chrome, however, do not click on reset because it will take you back to the default programs for google.

Once you have changed the web browser to google Chrome as the one you desire, then you will be good to. Everything will begin to run on the default browser you have set.

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