It can be quite a challenge trying to send money from your M-Pesa to your bank account especially while using an iPhone. Well, it does not have to be that way anymore. The following procedure will help you through to the end.

Step 1: Open your M-Pesa Menu on your iPhone

Here you go to settings, then mobile data, and finally SIM applications which will land you on your M-Pesa menu.

The page will appear just like the one below. Here you choose the SIM application options;

Once the above is done, it will open the M-Pesa menu. On the M-Pesa menu, you follow the following steps;

2. Click on M-Pesa then go to lipa na M-Pesa

On clicking Lipa na M-Pesa, the following menu will appear;

4. Choose the PayBill option then the enter business no. option

On this option, enter your bank business number;

For example:

  • Equity banks business no. is 247247
  • Cooperative bank business no. is 400200
  • KCB bank business no. is 522522
  • Standard Chartered bank business no. is 329329
  • Absa(Barclays) bank business no. is 303030
  • I&M bank business no. is 542542

Choose the option that fits your bank and type in on the business no. column; A cooperative bank member would put in as follows;

Replace the number above with your bank’s business no. then proceed to the next step.

5. Click on Send and choose the Account no. option

Once you hit send, another menu appears with the following options, ensure that you click on the Account no. then input your bank account number as indicated on your card.

6. Hit send then indicate the amount you want to send

This is the amount you want to send from your M-Pesa to your bank account.

Here, you choose the amount and proceed by putting the pin in. This will be your final step and the transaction will be complete.


This is a very simple procedure but you still need to be cautious to ensure that you input the correct digits everywhere.



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