Do you ever ask yourself of the kind of opinion that you got about self? If you were to be asked the above question, what wold you say? Whatever runs through your head right now gives you just the answer. Is it positive or negative? Provided that, the thoughts in your head are positive, then we might just say that you have a healthy self esteem. However, if they are negative then you need treatment to restore your esteem. And the good thing about this is the fact that you can re-establish your self esteem.

The negative thoughts that depict poor self esteem include;

  • Am not worthy
  • Am ugly
  • I do not deserve the best
  • Am a bad person
  • Am foolish
  • Am useless, among many more

While, the positive thoughts that show a healthy self esteem include;

  • Am beautiful/handsome
  • Am worthy
  • Am able
  • I deserve the best
  • I am the best
  • I am brilliant
  • I love myself, and many more

In general, a person with a thriving self esteem is one who always has a positive opinion of themselves. An individual who practices self care and understands their human nature to even make mistakes but still are hopeful that they are going to make things work. There are so many definitions in this sector which can still be explored.

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Self esteem is an aspect that affects us in all the corners of our lives. It is something that is essential to each individual because with it, you get to experience life full of fun and positive impacts. The following are the reasons why a healthy self esteem is important;

1.Brings about success

A healthy self esteem gives you the motivation to move forward and achieve that which you want to. Self esteem keeps you on track, improves your focus and determination to achieving greater things.

In most occasions, you would find an individual with low self esteem getting stuck in one level of life. This just happens not because they want it that way but because they can’t help it unless they change their perspective. With low self esteem you lose the drive and determination to realize better things, you start believing that you were designed to reap from the bottom. As a result of a negative attitude, you continue to even fall to the rock bottom in the things you expected to work.

Self esteem makes you take control of your life, to appreciate the mistakes in it and learn from them and by doing this you will always experience triumph. The believe that you can make it, that you are worth it and that the goal is achievable dwells in you and eventually this will lead you to success.

2.Changes your outlook about life to the positive

If you were to be asked today, how do you see your life? You would get so many answers from this topic, ranging from negative to positive. What matters most is whether the answer is negative or positive. Some would say, my life for now, is not as I want it to be, but I believe that I am heading to the better. From any answer, you can be able to gauge whether one has got high or low self esteem.

An individual with hope and believe will always give you optimistic answers while people with low self esteem will present pessimistic answers. The reason for this is because of the perception they have towards their lives. Anyone with a blooming self esteem has got a positive mindset towards their whole life. They are not afraid to chase their goals, they do not pretend to be someone they are not and they always believe in their capabilities.

3.Boosts your confidence

Confidence arises when you know who you are, what you live for and what defines you. With a good self esteem, you become so proud of yourself. And never allowing other peoples opinions to define you because what you think of yourself from the inside matters most.

There is no way that an individual with a healthy self esteem would stoop so low and allow someone to trample on what they believe in. Their confidence helps them to attain that which they have put their minds to. They soar to greater heights because they never back down until they see to it that their dreams have been realized.

You should always aspire to have a healthy self esteem, so that you do not compromise your dreams when others do not support it. Learn to believe in yourself and the path that you are taking so that you can realize what you have been aspiring for. Nobody else will ever achieve these dreams for you, you have to be bold, focused and determined in order to reach your goal.

4.Promotes your happiness

Happiness is an inward feeling that arises when a person realizes their worth and value. It can be aided by other external factors,but true joy emerges from within. Realizing your worth means that you know who you are and you are proud to be that person. Self esteem helps you with this. A healthy self esteem is depicted when an individual is confident with themselves, hence you become contented and happy for being yourself.

When you look down upon yourself, it comes as a justification that you have not realized your worth yet and thus sadness takes root. Most people would think that happiness will dawn on them when they are rich. Wealth is just an accessory, it does not bring happiness. It is possible to be rich and you are not happy. Learn to create your happiness by coming in terms with your being, and when riches begin to flow, it will be an added advantage to you.

5. Helps you believe in your potential

Every individual has got big dreams that they hope to achieve some day. However, very few realize them. This is not because they were not capable but because they were lazy enough to realize their potential and thus they quit. Dreams are to be nurtured, worked on and most importantly believed in and embracing your capability.

It is so hard to achieve something when at the bank of your mind you have the thought of “I can’t do it.” With a high self esteem, almost everything becomes possible for you. You begin to believe that you are capable of doing one thing or another just with the right mindset. Being aware of your potential crosses out all the negative thoughts that can bring you down.

6.Assists you in coming up with sound decisions regarding your life

Talking of decisions, there are so many that each person has to make in their different stages of life. Regarding these choices, you would not want them to be rushed, you need calculated and sound ones.

Take for example a individual with a low self esteem trying to come up with a decision regarding their career, this would be a hard nut to rack for them. They will always need someone to double check what they have chosen. And will always want to choose that which the majority approve at the expense of their heart desires. I do not blame their choices, it is quite hard to make a decision when you do not believe in yourself.

On the other hand, a person with a healthy self esteem, yes can listen to other people’s opinions, but they know what their hearts aches for. Hence, they will always chose that which they are passionate about. With self esteem, you begin to trust your opinions and it becomes easy to follow that which interests you.

7.Aids in dream realization

Since dreams are there to be achieved, it becomes much easier with the right self esteem. Self esteem makes you believe in yourself as well as your capabilities. Once you realize your potential there is nothing that can come in the way of your dreams.

Self esteem also brings about the realization of self worth, and once this is done, you work to achieve the best since you understand that you deserve the best.

8.Promotes self care

This also comes when you understand your worth, you will be much more careful in how you treat yourself. You will learn to be more understanding of yourself and you will sought to much more healthier ways of living. Self esteem makes you more appreciative of your efforts. You learn to work and take care of yourself at the same time.

People with low self esteem are mainly victims of overworking without taking into consideration self care. However, those with a high self esteem love themselves and will always live to take good care of themselves.

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