Well, on my previous article after exploring the importance of waking up early, it prompted me into trying to explore some of the secrets that can help you arise earlier than you have been.

The reason why I emphasize most on waking up early to get things done is because to most people, this is the best time that their brain is active, you get ample time free from any disturbances as well as the fact that your energy in the morning is higher. Take for example, if you are a mom, a student, a dad, or any other individual who gets held up in any day’s work, considering all factors, just before you start your day with any daily activities ahead of you, there would not be any time available except mornings. Risking to wake up late gets you not to explore the many other activities apart from your day job, like exercises, working on your side hustle or even chasing your passion.

However, some would opt to work in the evenings which is also a good thing if it works for you. But for those who prefer the mornings, I consider it a much better choice because in the evenings after your day’s work you are bound to be tired, and with fatigue, your brain wears out too, as a result there will be poor productivity, decision making as well as concentration. The following are some of the secrets you can adopt so that you can be able to wake up early in the morning;

1. Ensure that you get adequate sleep

Despite the fact that you could be so hungry to wake up early, you ought to understand that your body is not a robot. You need a noble rest for you to be able to function normally. You could be a victim of sleeping late and trying to get up early in the morning, it does not work that way. You need to ensure that you sleep for the recommended hours that is between 7-8 hours.

Sleeping late and trying to wake up early exhausts your body and brings more disadvantages than advantages. You become exhausted, causes insomnia and even lowers productivity. However, when you sleep early, your body easily responds to getting up early and works normally.

2. Set an alarm as far away from your bed

Am quite sure that most individuals are victims to this. Having an alarm set just right next to your body usually prompts you to snooze it. At that moment your body is still in the hazy mood and your brain would influence you instantly to any available chance to getting back to sleep and that would be hitting the snooze button.

Well, the good thing is there is a counter measure for this and that is ensuring that you set your alarm away from your bed. One advantage with this is you will be forced to get out of bed so that you can stop the ignoring noise from the alarm. During this procedure you have the ability to find a way to talk yourself out of sleep or even find a chance to hop into the shower before your brain formulates a way of getting you back to bed.

3. Begin the habit of waking up early gradually

Each character gradually forms a habit. Your body works the same, it needs to adjust gradually to an adopted habit. Do not just make the decision of being up early when your body has gotten used to sleeping till late in the morning. You need to understand your body and slowly try and teach it to adopt.

If you plan on waking up say at 5 AM in the morning, start by subtracting at least 30 minutes daily from the time that you are used to waking up so that your body can advance slowly and normally. This would not be straining your body and you will slowly enjoy waking up early because your body will be responding positively.

4. Have a plan on what you are going to do once you wake up early

What most people do not understand is that you cannot plan to wake up early without a plan and expect to succeed, it never works that way. Having to get your body out of a comfy bed, then lacking what to indulge in, get you back to bed because your brain will find excuses eventually to talk you out of getting up early.

To succeed in waking up early, you need to always plan a day before on what you will be doing once you are up. And, once you have a plan, you will have a winning chance when trying to prove to your brain that sleeping would not do you any good.

5. Learn to always control your thoughts

Your mind can be an inhibitor as well as a catalyst to progress in your life. You just have to find a way to influence your thoughts to concentrate more on the positive. Always train your mind into believing in the decisions that you make. The mind has the ability to sense a forced decision as well as a voluntary one. In forced decisions, the mind will always try to prevent them from happening, but when the mind is convinced that the decision made brings more good than harm, it will find a way of helping you achieve that which you have been aspiring for.

This is important in waking up, because you can always convince your mind that the amount of sleep that you gonna have will be adequate for you to be able to wake up at a particular time, and when that time elapses, your mind will be programmed to let you get up.

6. Ensure that each moment you wake up you take deep breaths

While you sleep, your body operates on low oxygen levels to the time you are waking up. This is the reason why, any time you are up, your body is in a hazy state, your brain is not fully active, and to activate it, you need to raise the oxygen levels in your body thus the essence of the deep breaths.

Taking the deep breaths, helps your body to achieve an active state ready for action.

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