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It is very important to schedule time for Windows update so as to avoid it from disrupting your work plan. Considering the fact that Windows is prone to so many updates occasionally. The real question is how to schedule the perfect time for it.

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Despite the fact that such updates are very vital for your system’s proper functionality, they can be annoying at times. This is very common especially when you are handling a very important and urgent project, then all over sudden, Windows gives you an alert of an upcoming update in minimal time. The best way to curb this is to learn how to schedule time for Windows update by yourself. Well, this article is going to help you with that;

Schedule Time for Windows Update

Below is a guide to help you crack the process of being able to allocate the perfect time for Windows update.

Step 1. Open Settings

Go to your windows start button, then type settings and open it. This will lead you to so many options that will select to reach the part where you can choose or rather specify when you want your Windows system to update.

Step 2. Click and Open Update &Security

Here in, you will find the Windows update, recovery and backup. Since our aim here is to change the active hours for the updates to happen, then you can proceed.

Step 3. Select Windows Update

On this section, select Windows update then change active hours. Your active hours are the ones whereby you are using your PC to get some work done, hence your Windows system would not do any updates at this particular time. While changing the active hours, you need to make them fit your schedule, so that during the bracket of hours not indicated, then your PC could do updates.


As you can see above, the process is very easy to follow. Once you have changed the active hours correctly, you will not see your PC updating while you are working. This leaves you with ample time to finish your work as well as get your Windows system up to date.

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