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How often do people delete some files that they did not intend to? Severally, right? It could be something very important, or even just anything essential to you, but you still need to get it back somehow. This should not give you worries no more, because below is a guide to getting back what you deleted to its original place.

Restore Deleted images and files on Windows 10

Following the guide below and you will find your file or image at its original place like nothing happened.

Step 1. On your Desktop, double click on the Recycle Bin to open

This will take you or rather open all the files and images you have deleted on you PC. Just as shown below;

The above includes all the stuff I have deleted recently.

Step 2. Identify the file/image that you want to recover and right click

Doing this will give you the options on what you want to do with what you have selected. Just as shown below;

Once you right click, you get the option of restore, cut, delete and properties. Following our main aim, we are going to click restore.

Step 3. Check whether the file or image has been restored

To do this, go to the original place of the file and check, you will see that it has been restored. You will also notice that the Image folder disappears from the list on the recycle Bin as shown;

Just like this and what you deleted previously is brought back.


No one is perfect and thus everyone is prone to making some mistakes. Thanks to the recycle bin and the features that come with it, you are able to get back your stuff.


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