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To realize that you have the ability to remove unwanted applications in bulk or rather in larger quantities and know how to actually do it is one of the best thing that can happen for any Windows user. Many have been struggling in this sector a lot, in the sense that when they want to get rid of some annoying applications, they have to do it one by one.

Well, this will be a forgotten story once you realize what Bulk Crap Uninstaller (BCU) can do for you. This is a program that us fully compatible with your Windows system and does an excellent job removing or rather getting rid of unwanted applications in large quantities. Moreover, its way of using is simple that anyone can operate it easily.

Remove unwanted applications in bulk on Windows 10

Below is a step by step process that will help you know how to remove unwanted applications on Windows using Bulk Crap Uninstaller easily;

Step 1. Download and Install Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Just head over to github, download the latest version of Bulk Crap Uninstaller (BCU), then install the program so that you can maximize its usage. For successful installation, ensure that you follow the steps on your PC to the later.

Step 2. Launch the Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Once you are done with the installation, launch the program so that you can now use it. The program will list all the applications as per how you agreed them to be marked. There are those that are protected which is recommended not to be uninstalled. So since this program will clear out even left over applications, ensure that you are careful with it. Uninstall applications only that which you are sure of and will not affect the system in any way.

Step 3. Select the Applications to Remove

From all the applications listed on the Bulk Crap Uninstaller, you need to tick on those that you want to install by checking the their checkboxes like as shown;

NB/ To get the check boxes, ensure that you enable (select using checkboxes) as highlighted in red on the above image. To select applications to uninstall, tick on the checkboxes available on the left side of each application, just like as shown in the area highlighted yellow on the image above.

Step 4: Remove Unwanted Applications in Bulk

Since you have selected the applications that you need to get rid of, its about time to utilize the Bulk Crap Uninstaller. Head over to the top part of the BCU Window, find and tap on uninstall.


Some leftovers before you give a go to remove, you need to re-check first since they could be linked to some registry files. Hence, you need to be careful while using the Bulk Crap Uninstaller.

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