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Being insecure in a way is common among most people. At times you find yourself feeling inadequate in some way. As a result, you have to be on the journey to overcome this. This could be done through loving yourself, finding that self confidence and realizing your worth on daily basis. When it comes to relationships, someone who loves would understand what you are going through and help you with it. Unfortunately, some people out there at times seem not to understand this, and at times when something goes wrong, they use your most vulnerable situations to get to you. Below are some of the reasons why;

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1. They do not really love you

Someone who loves you does not keep adding salt to an existing wound. If someone keeps attacking you using what you feel most threatened of, they are plainly telling you they do not love you. One that loves you does not triumph in making you more insecure but rather would help you through the journey of healing and reassures you of how much they cherish you.

2. They do not care about your feelings

Your emotions emanate from the inside and when this is bruised, you tend to also bruise the outside. The effects to which words and actions have on your emotions is so huge especially when you are on the journey to healing. t this point, you are taken back, almost to scratch. Use of insecurities such as body shaming, plays a major role in inflicting emotional abuse.

3. You are just passing wind to them

If an individual is serious with you and hopes to spend their better life with you, they would never use your insecurities to hurt you. Someone who does this is just telling you that you are replaceable. So, when you see this happening to you, do not wait until your self esteem is totally crushed so that you can break from the toxic relationship. Quit as soon as you are able to.

4. They lack respect for you

In relationships, there are boundaries. One example of those is using someone else insecurities. If an individual loves you enough to tell you what they feel threatened by, or what makes them feel not enough, it is not a chance for you to realize their weakness. But rather a way of telling you, help me through this, and do not use it to hurt me. So, if someone, uses your vulnerable situations to hurt you, run for your life, because the person does not respect who you are at all.

5. They are also insecure in a way

Even so, it does not make it okay to hurt someone else. Often, if someone is struggling with something, they hurt other people using the same thing, so as in a way make them feel the way they are feeling. Which is very wrong, if you love someone, you would never want to hurt them in any way. Instead you build them, and they will also build you.

6. They see you as a threat

Well, jealousy counts when someone is often trying to put you down. If someone sees that you are destined for great things, and maybe they do not want you in that level, they will always try and bring you down. often using your weaknesses. This does not make sense when it comes to relationships, but some people have the tendency of bringing down people they claim to love.


So, in case you have been asking yourself why someone you think loves you uses your insecurities to hurt you? Check the reasons above, you won’t miss an answer. Remember never to settle for less, and do not let anyone bring you down. If someone uses your weakest situations to hurt you, cut them from your life and move on. Know your worth and you will keep soaring.


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