Women are very expensive beings, their expenses usually go an extra mile when it comes to shopping. They do not just do any normal shopping, they conduct an intense one that involves a huge load of cash. Their expenses ranges from, wig shopping, saloon charges, hair maintenance products, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, hand bag shopping, jewelry purchases, pedicure and manicure payment services, lingerie shopping, skin maintenance products, make up shopping and many other purchases. All these type of purchases should all be handled in one way or another.

Considering the above expenses, women ought to have a source of income so that the other party does not have to strain a lot, a little support from the woman would help big time.

The following are the main reasons why women need a source of income;

1. They are very expensive to maintain

Women have a whole lot of things to handle. Everything they have is expensive, the hair, clothes, shoes, handbags, pullovers and even lingerie. All these things would be made easier if they had their own source of income as they will be able to afford that which they want to purchase.

2. Women thrive in looking good

One important aspect that women treasure is looking good all the time. This can be achieved if at least they have a flow of income somewhere. A woman who looks good has the ability to even hide the problems that they have, be in their homes, work or any other place.

3. Some women hate seeking money from their spouses or any other individual

The pride of women is when they have their own things. Stuff they can call their own sweat. Anyway, who doesn’t love the feeling that comes with having your own things.

4. Most women love impulse buying

Whenever you walk on the streets there is that attire, jewelry or shoes that catches your eye. To women this thing does not only catch the eye but also the heart, and once this happens, they want to claim it already because they know that the next time they might not get a chance to find such a good thing.

5. They are very good planners

Women in general are very good planners. It is much more interesting when they have their own source of income as they can design, assess and implement ideas that they come up with easily. Having their own income in flows help them to organize things with much more ease.

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