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I will begin this article with a short story. There was this vagrant at the road side and was injured, there came a lady who was back from withdrawing her money from the bank. She stopped adjacent to the beggar and was trying to put her money in the purse. Without noticing, her ATM card fell and she continued walking to the train station. The beggar picked up the card and followed the lady in an attempt to give the card back. The lady on realizing she was being followed walked hurriedly. The injured homeless man did not give up and went a long way following her. On reaching the train station, the lady had booked a ticket and board a train, the man with the little money he had booked a ticket to the train the lady was. While inside the beggar tried to advance to where the lady was but she sought refuge from a certain man in the train. The tramp on trying to move towards where the lady was, he was grabbed and beaten up and pushed to the ground by the man in the train. While on the floor, the beggar reached for his pocket and dished out the lady’s ATM card and gave it to her and walked away.

The man was disrespected as a result of false judgement. This story shows us that every individual is important in their own way.

Some have families who depend on them; Each individual however way they look or behave, status they are in or whatever job they are doing could be having a family somewhere or relatives that depend on him in order to eat,dress and find shelter. So, it is noble of everyone to treat them just like other people.

They could be your guardian angel one day; You can never anticipate who will attack you, when they will attack you or where, and that is the moment you will need someone to help you. The person you are disrespecting or abusing could be the one to help you through that situation. So learn to be good to anyone, because you might need their help somewhere.

Their poverty now does not tell you that they will be poor in future; Most big people came from humble backgrounds. So before you mistreat somebody, think about when they become your boss one day or rather the CEO of big companies and you will need them to employ you.

Some are not to be blamed for their current status; Most poor individuals are not in their state by their liking. Some became orphans at an early age and had no one to take them in, others had their homes destroyed due to a natural calamity and many more. So you need to learn o respect them because you could be in a similar situation when you least expect.

Relevant; Importance of the simple random acts of kindness.

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