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Laziness is something so addictive and feels so good doing but will ruin your life. Lethargy renders you inactive in all aspects of your life to the point that you cannot even undertake small house chores or works. Here are some of the reasons why you are lazy;

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1. Postponing often

Are you a victim of procrastinating to do things when you have the time and ability. Postponing one thing leads to another. If you postpone doing laundry when you have the time the chances of doing it the next time becomes less. And as the tasks continue to grow, you lose the motivation of doing it because they are now more than they were before.

2. Social media addiction

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap chat are very addictive. When you start your morning with social media, you will end up being in the platform for half the day if not the whole day. All that time that you waste following up on other people’s issues cannot be recovered and there will be nothing constructive completed during this time. Social media can also take up your sleep hours as time passes so fast and by the moment you notice, it will be so late considering you have to wake up early for work. This renders you exhausted the next day.

3. Inconclusive

Inability to come up with a decision. Have you ever had a lot of things on your table to complete but unfortunately can decide on which one to start with. While trying to come up with the decision for so long, consumes the time that you would have used to complete the tasks. As a result laziness starts to creep in because time has elapsed and you can’t manage to complete the work with the remaining time so you just decide to postpone and eventually not do any.

4. Poor eating habits

Too much sugar in foods could lead to what is referred to as an energy crash which renders you feeling sleepy and tired. Learn to cut on sugars and eat a balanced diet so that you a can find the boost and be active.

5. Fatigue

This could be as a result of too much work during the day. Despite having done something constructive a lot of work today affects the output of tomorrow’s work. You will be in no position to complete essential work because your body and brain are tired. A tired brain renders you unproductive because you are in no position to think well and make sound decisions.

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