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The ability to local record a zoom meeting is just a click away. This feature is available to both free and paid zoom subscribers. It helps a lot especially during training sessions or even interviews. During training your students do not get to actually capture everything, so, in cases where they need clarifications, you can share the recorded training session to them. Here, they can easily revisit on the topics that they covered and improve their understanding on the areas they missed. In interviews, there are a few candidates you get to choose from. After the interview, you ought to do a review on who is best for the job. To make your work easier, recording the whole ordeal helps you to revisit and actually see how well-conversant they are in certain areas.

Steps to Local Record a Zoom Meeting

There are so many reasons why it is necessary to record a zoom meeting aside from the ones mentioned above. There are even personal reasons depending on each individual. Below is a step by step process that will help you successfully record a zoom meeting.

Step 1. Go to zoom then start a meeting

To access the feature of recording the zoom meeting. You ought to login to your zoom account and start a meeting as the host. Click on host meeting, then new meeting.

Step 2. Click on Record

When you click on new meeting as shown above, a new window of a new meeting will appear. Just at the bottom of the meeting, you will see many options. Among them is record. Click on record. Just as shown;

When you click on record, a red blinker will show at the top. This symbolizes that recording is ongoing.

Giving Recording Privileges to a Participant

To allow a participant to do a local record, you as the host need to enable their ability to do so. This is done as follows;

  • Click on Manage participants on a live Zoom meeting
  • Next to the name of the participant you want to award recording privileges, click on more
  • Then, choose Allow to Record
  • The participants allowed will get an alert saying the host allows you to record this meeting
  • You can also deny your participants the ability to record a zoom meeting by again clicking on more and choosing Forbid Record

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