Youths are normally referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. Yes this is indeed true, however, we should ask ourselves whether the youth in general still uphold this phrase, or just a few still believe in it. There are so many factors that surround the youth that have made them vulnerable to the unworthy things in this life. Which in turn, shatter the dreams that these young people had before. Issues like drug misuse and abuse, poor education, theft and robbery, family problems and lack of employment tend to shield the youth from reaching their full potentials. Through the past years, various governments have been trying to curb these issues with just a few succeeding. Despite all the problems that most youth still face, most still emerge better. There are some of the qualities that when a youth possess they are able to come out just fine. These qualities will help them overcome any kind of temptation that comes in their way to success. These qualities include the following;

1. Goal oriented

Goal orientation for any youth is of key. It helps them to focus and utilize the available resources to come up with something good that will positively impact on their lives. Any youth with this quality can make a good use of an idea at hand, while focusing on the end game and looking at the bigger picture of that idea. A goal oriented individual understands what is at stake when it comes to achieving a target and will always stop at nothing until they realize their goals.

2. Good decision maker

Decision making is a quality that applies in every area of life. A youth with this quality is able to make sound choices on what is suitable in their life. Currently, the job market is very competitive and it requires individuals who are able to decide on careers that attract white collar jobs or rather undertake competitive courses. As a result of unemployment, many youths are left stranded in the market with very little hope of acquiring jobs, however, youths who are good decision makers, choose to venture into other self employment opportunities.

3. Confident

Being confident is a state of believing in yourself, in what you can do and achieve at the same time. Confidence has taken many people to greater heights in life. Without confidence, even if you are well equipped with necessary skills you become inept before your interviewers and if you are not careful, your opportunity could be grabbed by another individual with less skills and very confident. Confidence can easily sell you in the market. You would find that most successful entrepreneurs were believed in by the customers because of their confidence.

4. Principled

The reason why most youths stray from their goals or rather course of their life, is because they lack principles. Without firm principles you can easily be influenced by your peers into doing what you should not have done if you stuck to your principles. Issues of drug abuse and theft, keep on increasing because there are so many youth out there who are not principled enough to stand the negative influence of their allies.

A principled individual, has got a very low tendency of getting dragged into any unsuitable action. They know what they are after, what define them and what their end game is.

5. Self-driven

Life is full of ups and downs, there are times that you benefit and there are times when you lose. Most people lose their motivation when failure dawns on them, however, others take failure as a stepping stone and continue forging ahead. The difference between these two individuals is that another is self driven and the other one lacks this value. People who are not self driven tend to give up easily on so many things in their lives, be it goals or careers. When they realize that the income they stipulated from a certain project is not forthcoming, they quit working on the project. But, self driven individuals are able to withstand any kind of hardships while focusing on the end goal.

Being self-driven is necessary so that you are able to continue pursing your goals despite the hardships that life has to offer.

6. Authentic (Real)

Being true to yourself is one of the best qualities that one can posses. In this case, you are able to understand the path that you need to follow in life without the influence of others. When you are authentic, you are able to act on what interest you, sharpen your goals and career as per your liking. Doing what you love is so priceless because you are able to save time and as well contribute twice as much since you are working on what your soul, mind, heart is in to.

7. Self-loving

In my article,on the tips to learning to love yourself, you are able to equip yourself with some ideas that help in self development. Loving yourself enough has the ability to shield you from engaging in actions that could negatively impact you. Self development is much easier when self love is incorporated too.

8. Inquisitive

Another good aspect that should be adopted is being inquisitive. It is always good to be ready to learn new things, do research about certain things as well as find the necessary solutions to problems encountered. An inquisitive individual is always ready to grasp new things and expand their knowledge in the different sectors in life. This becomes an advantage to any individual in the competitive markets, because they are able to grasp new opportunities easily and learn more about them

9. Proactive

Any individual who is proactive puts everything that they have planned into action. When it comes to working on something, they do not depend on anybody so that they can deliver. As a youth you can achieve so much more when you are ready to make something work. This also helps in overcoming laziness. The reason why most youth fail these days, is because they wait upon other people to spoon feed them instead of taking it upon themselves to ensure that they work so that they can better themselves.

10. Ambitious and hardworking

When you combine the above qualities you become unstoppable. The ability to put in effort into something with the determination to succeed actually equals success. With these you become aggressive, which means that you do not take failure as an opinion. Due to this, success becomes a part of you. The determination involved will ensure that you do not stray away from your focus.

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