In my article on ways to boost your self esteem, you can find insights on how to improve how you feel and once you do that then after sometime, you can now gauge yourself if you have the characteristics of somebody with good self esteem.

Have you been wondering how someone with good self esteem behaves or feels? If so, then this article is for you.

1. They believe in themselves.

Have you ever tried implementing something and felt that you couldn’t do it? A person with good self esteem has faith in what they can do, they never doubt their abilities and they understand that they can do anything that they put their mind into. To them it does not matter who believes in them, all they know is that as long as they believe in themselves then there is nothing standing in the way to stop them.

2. They appreciate their work.

An individual with a good self esteem, does not take for granted whatever they have achieved. They applaud their successes because they understand that it takes an effort for one to hit a target and that deserves some appreciation. They know that being proud of their achievements will enable them to find the motivation they need to move on and aspire for higher goals.

3. Put on a smile.

People with good self esteem always have a smile on their faces. They do not find any reason to frown because they are optimistic about everything they do. They never focus on their weaknesses but rather their strengths because they know that focusing on their weaknesses is one way of encouraging failure.

4. They love themselves.

Check, tips to learning to love yourself. A person with good self esteem, have got abundant self love. They know that loving yourself is one of the best things that one can do for themselves. They understand their value and they will settle for nothing less than what they deserve. They never allow anyone to trample on them whatsoever.

5. They are respected.

People with good self esteem tend to command respect without having to say anything. They hold their heads high because they know what they are doing, why they are doing it, who they are doing it for and why they chose to do what they are doing. They have got most of their life aspects covered.

6. They are confident and firm.

A person who is confident knows what they are doing, this applies to a person with a good self esteem. They are brave and bold when it comes to their principles, they never allow anyone to make them stray from their stands.

Final thoughts

There are so many other positive characteristics that people with good self esteem have. However, if you do not possess the above it does not mean your self esteem is low, because some values tend to manifest in different ways depending on the person.

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