For each individual, it is essential to have a partner or friends who help to support and build you socially. It does not matter how strong you are or rather independent, you will always need somebody to lend you a hand in some life experiences. However, with these company of people it is not always a guarantee that you are in a genuine relationship with your friends or rather partner. When it comes to love for someone and the love for a friend, there are some general characteristics that a good relationship with a friend and a lover share. They include the following;

1. Acceptance

One of the most important quality of a good relationship/ friendship is the act of acceptance. Someone who really loves you, accepts you for who you are, they respect your flaws and in most cases try to help you deal with your weaknesses, this also applies to a worthy friendship. Most people have always found themselves in a company of someone they feel are trying to fix them. A bad friend/partner would always try to change you to someone you are not, because they feel that you are not good enough in their company. In a good relationship, you can freely express yourself because you know that the people you hanging with understand you and would never judge you for acting yourself. Read also; Tips to finding yourself.

2. Respect is adored

Most relationships usually do not last because of the lack of respect. Whether someone is your lover or friend they deserve to be respected in all aspects. You ought to show respect to others so that they an also do the same to you. When you deeply understand someone, you will know that there re things that they love discussing and there are others that they despise being mentioned. Learn to respect what they want and stick to treating them how you would want to be treated. Some boundaries should be off limits to you as per their wishes, if they state that they are busy at a certain point in time then learn to respect it, do not always make yourself an exception to the point that you disrupt their progress.

3. Forgiveness

In any relationship/friendship, you will often encounter wrangles. However, these disagreements should not break the bond but rather strengthen it through forgiveness from each partner involved. A good relationship is always ready to let go of grudges through forgiveness. Adoring forgiveness helps you to overcome any kind troubles in these type of journeys.

4. Good communication

With no communication, a relationship cannot exist. Proper communication is a key element in any kind of relationship. In this way you are able to freely pass along any type of ideas, messages, arguments and feelings. Communication mostly strengthens the bonds that exist in friendships/relationships.

5. Trust

Trust is another aspect that should be seen in a good relationship. You have to always have the feeling that you got one another in any situation that you encounter. A good friend always got your back, when you are down they are always there for you to comfort and lighten your mood. This applies to a good relationship, your partner can always count on you and vice versa. Having a partner who is reliable is priceless as long as you do not take advantage of their kindness.

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