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Often, you cannot pin a folder to taskbar on Windows 10. Hence, it becomes so difficult to quickly access the programs you often use. Well, there is no need to worry anymore, because the article below will give you tips on how to go around the limitation. Let’s delve into the whole process;

Pinning a Folder to taskbar on Windows 10

This guide offers you a step by step process until you can successfully pin a folder to taskbar on your computer.

Step 1. Create a shortcut for the Folder you want to Pin

Find an empty space on your desktop, then right click and select new, then hit shortcut just as shown below;

Step 2. Type the location of the Item

To find the location of the item, right click on the original folder you are creating a shortcut for, then click on properties and finally copy the location path and paste in the the shortcut’s location. Just like as shown;

Note; Ensure that you type explorer.exe before the location.

Once the above is done, click on next, type the name of the shortcut, then hit finish to successfully create the shortcut. Just as shown;

Step 3. Right Click on the shortcut to Change icon

You need to change the icon of the shortcut so that you do not confuse with others. This is done as follows;

Choose an icon for the shortcut, then click OK, then Apply. Doing this will automatically change the shortcut’s icon.

Step 4. Pin the Shortcut on the Taskbar

To do this, right click on the created shortcut, browse the options then select, pin to taskbar. You can also pin the folder to taskbar through drag and drop.


The above process is a quick guide on how to pin a folder to taskbar by creating a shortcut of the original folder. By using this trick, you will see a reduction when it comes to overcrowding items on your taskbar. The reason being, you can put together many programs into a folder, then place it on your taskbar. Hence you can access each program from one place rather than scattering them all over. Once you have pinned the folder to your taskbar, you can do away with the shortcut on your desktop as it is no longer of any use.

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