• Cognizant living; Any individual with a good self esteem puts into consideration how they live eat and even dress. They ensure that their lives are all rounded and balanced as suitable as possible. They do not just do it for the sake of living, but so that they can live a life of adequacy, with no stress and minimizing any kind of factors that might cause them health problems. Besides keeping everything they do in check, they also ensure they live a healthy life with all the considerations put in place. The food they eat is balanced, the friends they associate with are those that add value to their life and they also find time to have fun. The reason for doing this is because they understand the effects of lack of fun in an individual’s life and that life is too short to spend it people who will ruin it. They full understand their worth and value and will not engage in anything that can sabotage their way of life.
  • Self embracing and satisfaction; This is one of the most important aspect that an individual with an awesome self esteem possesses. In this platform the individual feels a sense of self love, identity and uniqueness. Here, you are able to accept both your flaws, strengths and crafts. You are able to understand that these values are what define you for who you are and you do not have to beat yourself for who you are not but rather hold your head high while embracing the real you. In most occasions, you realize that individuals with good self esteem are unshakable, the reason is that, they are able to withstand any storm or garbage talks thrown at them since they got nothing to hide or feel embarrassed for. They have learnt to uphold their weaknesses by being positive about them that sooner or later they are gonna make it. Believing that good things are coming your way despite how bad your current situation is what makes you unstoppable.
  • Purposeful; Self esteemed individuals live a life of direction, they know where they are and where they are going. And they stop at nothing to reach their goals. When they put something into their mind, they ensure that they are able to make it come to pass. They always aim at bringing about a positive impact in all that they do. They always want to be useful and helpful to those around them. Their vision, goals and objectives are all in line with their long term dreams. They understand the benefits of hard work.
  • Kind and self assertion; Despite understanding their worth, people with good self esteem are kind enough to understand that other people are worth something too. They do not go around trampling on other people because they feel more worthy than others, they just have a way of putting their opinions and desires out there with confidence without being inconsiderate. They empathize with others just like they want others to treat them. Despite all these, they also do not allow anyone to walk over them, they are ready to put up a worthy fight to express their views as well as their needs, they demand to be treated as they deserve.


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