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There are so many reasons that explain why someone would want to delete a Gmail account. It could be because they got no use for it anymore. Or maybe they got too many of them and are probably not using one of them. Since everything in the account you are about to delete will be erased, you should first put some thought to it before actually deleting it. Delete only when it is very necessary. The article below will provide you with the ultimate way on how to delete a Gmail account.

Delete a Gmail Account

The steps below will guide you into successfully deleting a Gmail account.

Step 1. Sign in to your Gmail

Use the Gmail account you want to delete to sign in through your browser. On signing in, your default Gmail account will appear. Click on the icon on the top right of your Gmail to choose the account you want to sign in it. That is the one you will delete eventually. Just as shown;

Step 2. Click on Account on the Google Apps

Once you sign in to the Gmail account you want to delete, at the top right corner of that account just before the name icon, you will see an icon for google apps. Tap on it then select Account. Just like as shown below;

Step 3. Open Data and Personalisation, then delete a service or your account

Open data and personalisation on the navigation pane on the left. Then scroll down to delete a service or your account then click on it.

Step 4. Select Delete Service

Since we are more focused on deleting a Gmail acount, choose the option for delete a service and not a google account.

Step 5. Verify Account

To verify that you are the owner who wants to delete the Gmail account. You will be asked to provide the password for the account. Once this is done and has been verified that you are the owner, you will be taken to the next step.

Step 6. Download Data or Trash it

This is an option for you. If you think there are some important data on your Gmail, you can choose to download it before you proceed to delete the Gmail account. Or rather just hit on the delete/trash option on the right side of Gmail. Just as shown;

Step 7. Enter New Email Address

Here you will see that the rules specify not to use a Gmail account. Hence you can use Hotmail, yahoo etc. Once you have created a new email address, click on send verification email. Just like below;

Step 7. Follow Steps Provided

A verification will be sent to the new created email address and you will be required to click on the link provided in the message sent so that you can actualize Gmail account deletion. So for Hotmail, open your Hotmail account and sign in then click on the message sent then the link.

Step 8. Confirm Gmail Deletion

Here you are needed to confirm that you want to delete the said Gmail account. First accept that you want to delete the stated account then just click on delete Gmail and you are done.

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