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The world is full of many diverse individuals. That is why you need to be careful on who you spend your time with. Some people are very toxic, others are very good pretenders for when they are around you they act like sweet puppies when in the real sense they are snakes. At any point in time you could be having “friends”, who you can spend quality time with, but once you leave, hell breaks loose and they will be like, “at least the bitch is gone, she thinks we enjoy her company.” Even when you do not hear them say, your gut feels it.

There are individuals that you should avoid in life;

1. Those who lie to you

You need people who tell you the truth about things. If your presentation was not good, then you deserve to know the truth so that you can improve. Lies will lead to poor personal development as what you will be told will be contrary to what is real.

2. Those who disrespect you

Do not entertain people who think that you are worth less. People who have got no regard for you. These people do not add any value to your life, they will just make you feel bad about yourself.

3. The people who use you

Individuals who use you take you for a fool. Often these individuals only want you around them when they need your help. These people push you around as if you cannot decide anything for yourself. Render help to people who deserve you, those who appreciate your presence and help you also during your time of need. There is nothing as bad as being driven around especially when you are sane enough to make sound decisions. The people who should be around you are not those who think they are above you, you need individuals who treat you fairly.

4. The people who put you down

In most of my articles, I keep stressing on learning to love yourself. The reason being most people who are victims of being trampled on lack self love. When you know your true value, you will not allow anyone to take you for granted and belittle you. The individuals who criticize your every move are toxic to you, they will lower your self esteem, hinder you from reaching your goals and make you feel worthless. Whenever any of your friends show any signs of these, stand up to them and cut them off your circle.


Your life is too precious to be spending it with the wrong people. Give your time to the people who deserve it, not those who want to waste it. You got more pressing matters to deal with rather than be lied to, disrespected, trampled on and used. Know your value and you will be able to cut the toxic people out of your life.

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