In my previous article on why graduates desperately search for jobs, i highlighted on the main reasons why you would find that most individuals fresh from campus endeavor to get employment from various companies/firms. The problem tend to arise when these people get their hopes shattered after some years passing in the job hunt with no success. So, I compiled some opportunities one can venture into while seeking for a job or if they realize the job market does not suit them. These examples will help you earn a living if you input some hard work. You can also look at the things to do in order to succeed.

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1. Juice blending services

Oh yes, this is one of the best business ventures that one can explore. As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, who does not want to be healthy? As far as I know, fruit juices are some of the drinks you can never get bored with and anyone who aspires for a healthy living then fruit juice is the real deal. To start this business all you need is a blender, electricity and a supply of fresh fruits and you are good to go. Another advantage is that juice blending is one of the easiest tasks to undertake, you just have to start small and go big.

2. Freelancing

Most people have heard of this and some do it but others consider it to be difficult. However, all you need is a bit of grammar and you are sorted. Here commitment is the key and since you are thirsty for some money dedicating to this venture won’t be a big deal.

3. Gym instructor

Everyone aspires to look good and mostly this happens when you got a fit body. Most people register in fitness centers so they can achieve their dream figure/body. For those who love going to the gym and have developed a passion in body fitness, this is your window to success grasp this opportunity and in a couple of months you will be having your own fitness center. Earning while doing what you love is the best feeling ever.

4. Cyber services

Printing, photocopy, scanning name them, these services never get old, in one way or another they are needed. Instead of complaining and making yourself a victim, do a pilot study find a strategic place where these services are needed most. Especially in the university, am quite certain that this is one of the systems that can be utilized well since students require them most. So, in case you are lucky enough to acquire student loans, choose wisely how you spend them.

5. Salon services

Getting your hair done perfectly as you wished puts a smile and confidence on your face. If you are good in offering this, then you would definitely win many hearts with your work. As long as you are good in what you do and you know how to make your clients feel comfortable then this is your venture.

6. Beauty and make-up artist

Pedicure, manicure, facials and makeup application are some of the services one can offer and at the same time earn crazy money. This industry is a booming one and also a well paying one. An individual once they have acquired a good number of clients can open their own beauty shop and be their own boss.

7. Website designing

Most computer wizards would call this web design. If you love computers and understand its language very well then you must have come across this field. You can decide to help bloggers, freelancers and online marketers put color to their website platforms. Passion is also the key here and once you have that you can earn well in the internet.

8. Blogging

Here, the limit is your own imagination. Help individuals solve problems they are facing in the real life, write something that you have learnt throughout your degree/diploma course and many other topics.

9. Farming

If you happen to have undertaken an agricultural course, then most certainly you understand a thing or two about farming. If you are privileged enough to have a big land at home then utilize it as you wait for your dream job. However, a degree course is not necessary to venture into this sector, just the right mindset. Most individuals have exploited other fields but forgotten farming, not putting in mind the fact that people in the nation need to be supplied with fresh food.

10. Cake Baking and Decoration

Some people are lucky enough to have parents or guardians who know how to bake cakes. Take this as an opportunity and learn from them so that you can provide cake services to other individuals especially during birthdays, wedding and many other happy events.


Finding the right opportunity to venture into requires some insight. Most people fail in some business because of lack of passion in what they do as well as interpersonal skills to maintain their clients. To earn money you need to be ready to put some hard work in your venture.

The advantage of this article is that it is universal, some of the ventures do not require a degree for one to undertake.

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