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Paint is the kind of application you use to edit graphics. It has helped many when it comes to trying to highlight something in an image, cropping an image and even copy pasting it. To do this, you just have to play with the tools provided on the paint app and use it on your image as you wish.

Opening and using Paint on images in Windows 10

Before you use the paint program, you need to first know how to open the app. Let me take you through how to open it and how you can utilize it on your images;

Step 1. Type Paint on the search then click on the app

Here, you need to type in the word paint on the search just at the taskbar on your computer and the program known as paint will pop. Just as shown below;

Step 2. Open the Paint app and utilize it

It could be you want to do something with your screenshot, you need to open the app, then inside it, open the screenshot. Just like as shown;

  • The brushes as shown above will be used to draw
  • The shapes show how will the drawing appear i.e, the drawing above is rectangular in shape because I selected the rectangle shape for my drawing
  • The different colors shows the color of the shape drawn, as you can see above, my drawing is red because I chose the red color

Step 3. Open the image you want to edit inside the Paint app

Here, once you are on the paint app, click on file, then open, then select the folder where your image is in i.e Screenshots, click on the image once you find it and finally select open. This will automatically open the image on Paint. The procedure is shown on the image below;

Step 4. Edit the image as you wish

Use all the tools available as you desire. An example is on step. 2. You can choose what to do with your image.

Step 5. Save the image

This will help you in case you will want to use it in future. Ensure that you save the image with the correct name, so that you will not have a hard time tracing it in the future. To save the opened image on paint, click on file, then save as JPEG, PNG etc, rename the image, then save it. Just as shown;

On, hitting save, the image below will appear, click OK on it.

Note; The image will be saved to whatever folder you select it to be on.


Paint when utilized well, brings about specifications on an image, making it much easier explaining something to someone.


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