Before we delve into shading light on the things not to do at home in the lock-down or the quarantine season, you might want to learn on what is essential to do during this time. There are so many things that we have been doing in the Corona time, that have been dragging us down. They have been separating us more from our families, draining/eating our minds, taking many into depression and even huge amounts of stress & self pity.

1. Blaming the season for all your downfalls

Blame is a strong term when it comes to bringing about negativity. Actually this is among the top habits that drag most people into pits. Whether corona associated or not, most people love to blame other things for what happens in their lives, which do not usually get you anywhere, or does it? As far as I know, it does not. To say the least, blame actually blocks all the efforts on acting on a situation. Why? Well, because you reach a comfortable situation of not taking a responsibility to changing a certain situation as you are not to blame. The funny thing is that, the season/thing/person you are blaming will/is still be there just like your case. If you do not take the responsibility of handling the situation you are in, then do not expect the season to change that. For a fact you are in for more problems or troubles. Find something/anything to do to solve your situation and stop blaming everything around you

2. Drowning in the current sorrow

What good does sorrow bring? None, is what I know. I understand that we are human, and there is time to laugh and to mourn. It is good to let out all the pain through crying, yelling and many more, however, do not let the sadness take the better part of you. Everyone mourns, each person has their own painful moments, but we all somehow find a way of climbing back up. We do not drown in the terrible days we have had because we understand the results of this, depression and stress, instead we still find that light at the end of the tunnel. Your light dims and diminishes eventually because you fail to follow through to the end, we allow the stumbling blocks on our way to drag us behind instead of forging ahead. Some people would rather the easy path out, living with pain which brings about failure and many more negative impacts rather than finding themselves and allowing the light to shine. This is not easy, but you need to understand that you are not alone in this journey, you got a whole pack striving with you.

3. Allowing social media to consume the better part of your day

This is not the best time to be a bad time manager. You might have been struck by an unexpected change like lose of a job, this is the time that you need to find ways to get back up, to feed your family, to fend for yourself or even to keep paying rent. There are so many more important things to do than waste your time on social media. Social media is not a bad platform to visit, in fact that is where you can encourage yourselves during this calamity season, however, restrict your time there. Do not lose yourself in the media platform in the name of managing boredom, this could do you more harm than good.

4. Focusing on your addictions

To most people, they think that this is the season for them to eat uncontrollably and drown in their alcohol addictions. If you have the money, focus on your personal growth and development. Buy books to read and bless those who do not have food with food through contributions. Food is good, but, you need to watch your health. There are so many healthy tips that you can apply on your life rather than feeding what you have been trying to fight. In fact, this is the best time to quit habits like alcohol addictions as most pubs and bars are closed. Feeding your addictions will keep ruining your life bit by bit until its too late.

5. Giving up on life

Giving up is like accepting the horrible situation you are in. Losing your job, not being able to pay rent and running out of money among many is not the end of the world, what matters is what you are going to do about it. There are so many people out there, who might be reading this article and are going through very trying times now and all they can think about is giving up. I am here to urge you not to give in to the easy way out. Find your way out of this successfully. For those who think losing a job is the end for them, consider those who have never had the chance to be employed anywhere but somehow have managed to stay afloat by engaging in many other things out there. If they managed, then you too can, you just have to concentrate on the right path, one that gives you hope.

6. Concentrating on all the negative things that could happen as a result of corona

Corona is not a good thing already, adding a negative personality results in much more negative thinking. At least concentrate on something positive you can do post corona/after the lock-down. For those who can strategize effectively, these are the times you need to think of the gaps in the market once lock-down or quarantine has been lifted. Be positive, engage in positive talks through the phone with people who uplift your spirits no those that try to diminish your strategies and plans.

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Do not let this season drag you much deeper into the holes that you have been trying so much to escape, instead, find out and venture into those things that can turn your life to the better. Take full responsibility of your life and be in charge of ensuring that you do not fall into the pits that do not align with your goals.


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