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1.They need to be assured of their looks; Your man wants to know that he attract you or rather you find him attractive in how they look, their dress code and everything. For someone you love, this is not such a hard thing to do for him. Learn to always remind him that he is looking dope.

2.They always want to feel needed; Try and talk with your man, be open to them about things that bother you, however, be careful not to exaggerate. Always make them feel that they are helping in one way or another. They always want to be your hero, and they can be that, when they help you through something of which it does not necessarily have to be a sad thing.

3.They always require space and time for themselves or with friends; Each individual always need a breathing space. Do not be too clingy to your man, learn to offer him some space when he wants to hang out with friends as long as it is not too much.

4.They wanna be respected; Men are known to have a higher ego, thus they do not like being looked down upon. Respect your man for who he is, learn to talk to him nicely and he will definitely do the same to you.

5.They require their partners to tell them of how proud of them they are; Whenever your man achieves something, however small it is, show him that you are proud of what he does so that he can find the motivation to achieve more. Criticizing a man for everything does not always end up well.

6.To be believed in; A man needs to know that you believe in him, his goals and dreams. Even when he fails, always learn to affirm him that he is capable. This gives him certainty that he always got adequate support from you, and will always stand by you just like you did him.

Final thought

Even though men usually appear to be strong and all, they always need support from their partners. They are just like any other human being who needs a shoulder to cry on during adversity. Learn to treat your man as you would want to be treated.


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