Each individual has that urge to improve or rather develop their lives for the better. There is always that individual we look up to and wish we had their kind of life. It is normal to compare yourself with others but not good to beat yourself up for qualities that you do not posses and others have. For growth to occur, you need to work on improving your weaknesses and appreciate your strengths. Trying to be someone better than you are now, helps you to realize your dreams and exploit your potential. Here are some of the necessities for self growth and development;

Self assessment; This helps you to concentrate on your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified the values/abilities that you got and those that you do not, you begin to strategize on how to acquire those that you need. And, find ways to improve on your weakest points.

Consent; For one to improve or rather grow you have to accept yourself. Embrace the weaknesses and strengths that you have so that you do not exhaust yourself with guilt and hatred. On accepting yourself you are able to find motivation to improve on where you are weak. Check; Learning to love yourself.

Proper planning; Planning is key when it comes to personal growth. Jot down the areas you want to improve on, the things you will do in order to achieve your desired characteristics. When it comes to personal growth, there are things you need to shun from and others that you need to acquire or do to attain your desired results.

Execution; Through proper planning on what is expected of you, you need to implement all that which you planned. Was it about beginning to wake up early and sleeping early. Adopt this and check whether you are able to achieve what you desired from your role model etc.

Growth; If after doing what you were expected to and realizing that it works, that when you start to realize self growth in the areas you were weak at.

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