Migrating from Windows to a Linux operating is usually challenging process. Navigating though the system, terminal sessions can be daunting task to most beginners. When working on a Linux terminal there are a number of useful keyboard shortcuts you can use to acquaint yourself with terminal operations, efficiently and in a productive manner.

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Below is a list of most used Keyboard Shortcuts when working on a Linux system.

Keyboard ShortcutUsage Explanation
EnterRun the command entered in the terminal
Ctrl + CCancel the current operation or halts the current executing command
Ctrl + ZStops the current running command, resume with fg in the foreground or bg in the background
Ctrl + RAllows you to type a part of the command you’re searching and it will find it
Ctrl + LClear screen
!!Repeats the last executed command
Ctrl + EMove to the end of command you’re typing
Ctrl + AReturn to the first line in the command you’re typing
Ctrl + UErase the whole line in the commands typed
Ctrl + KCut everything after the cursor to a special clipboard
Ctrl + WDelete the word / argument left of the cursor in the current line
Ctrl + TSwap the two characters before the cursor position
Ctrl + YPaste from the special clipboard that Ctrl + U and Ctrl + K save their data to
Ctrl + DLog out of current session. It is similar to typing exit command
command !$Repeats the last argument of the previous command executed
Arrow up|downCycle through the history of commands you issued earlier in the terminal
Alt + TabCycle through all open windows

If you have any Keyboard shortcut that helps you be productive in a Linux system share in the comments sections. We’ll be happy to update this article.

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